Thursday, February 26, 2009

HMQS Challenge

For anyone in the vicinity of the state of Utah May 7-9 should really mark their calendars and make it a point to get to the Sandy Expo Center. For more information see

I am having a booth there this year. I am excited for the show, but it is exhausting. One fun thing they do at the show is have a quilt challenge. You are given a specific set of fabric to work with, size requirements, etc. It is a "challenge." Oh -- and it's a group project. This year's fabric is from Quilting Treasures: Ellie Fun by Karen Neuburger. This is my favorite piece of the yardage we received.

I didn't think I would get to participate this year, but today some of my quilting friends mentioned they were doing it so I get to help them. They picked a pattern, but I can never make a pattern exactly how it is written, so we made some alterations and I am excited! We will be putting the top together next week.

I love how a "challenge" gets your brain working.

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