Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Cupcakes from . . . Antarctica

Wow. So I dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I am back now, itching and sneezing thanks to the good weather we have been having. I think maybe I went to Antarctica, but I am really not sure where I was. Where ever I was, I came back with a book! My printer is so fast that I hadn't even recovered from getting the files to him before a stack of boxes was on my doorstep. The new book is called Simply Charming Circles, but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow because . . . I am determined to be finished forever with these cupcakes!

Here is the picture of my progress:

Now for the story:

Short story -- my book.

Longer story -- You know how there are some projects that you just get really tired of? This is one of those. I only finished it this far because I knew I had to write this post. I never really liked cupcakes, but I started this quilt because of a design challenge. Now, I am sick of cupcakes. The cupcake fad isn't over yet. I keep seeing cupcakes everywhere. They are haunting me.

Okay, so the burning question, who gets the charm pack, after all, I didn't use anyone's ideas? So no one gets the charm pack -- just kidding. That wouldn't be fair after all the fun ideas I got. My first thought would be to use all of them. There are six cupcakes after all. It would be fun to decorate all of them differently. Then reality hit. Before I went to Antarctica, I was going to put the yo-yo on with a button. Then reality hit again, and (now that the quilt is pressed and taken a picture of) I am going to throw it into the UFO pile, gladly.

So, The Wheeler 5, a friend of mine, you get the charm pack! Thanks for all the fun ideas. Maybe you could make your own cupcake quilt and have fun decorating your own cupcakes!

One last thought, I know that whenever I say that I don't like a quilt, someone always says they love it. I am sure that this quilt isn't as horrid as I think it is. What happens to quilts like this is that one day I will get around to quilting it and donate it to a wonderful charity.

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The Wheeler 5 said...

hurray! thanks! i understand not wanting to finish some projects...i have a bin full of them! i can't wait to see how this was looks when it is completely done.