Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Layer Cake and some Selvages

I was inspired by this blog:

and all that she and others were making with selvages. (I have always spelled it selvedge, and I have since learned that both spellings are correct.)

I ordered her book on Amazon,

but couldn't wait for the book to get here. (Oh--I have since received the book, and I do like it. Lots of good pictures.)

First I tried making a half log cabin with the square in one corner instead of the center. I had a bright center and was putting selvages on two sides of the square. Two blocks later, and I wasn't loving it. It was going too slow. Often when I experiment with something I want quick-ish results.

Many of you know me and my love of precuts. Well I grabbed a layer cake. (This one happens to be 9 by Sanae.) and started sewing. Two blocks later, and I was loving it this time. It was fun. Something that made it more fun was responses I got from other quilters. I had a few blocks done and showed them around and my friends started giving me their selvages. So now not only is the quilt a selvage quilt, but it also like a signature quilt -- my friend's "signatures" are there in their selvages. TOO FUN!

Here's the picture:

Not the best picture. It is smaller than it looks because it is on a toddler bed. It is a good throw size.

One of these days I think I will have to make a selvage bag, but that project is definitely for another day.


The Wheeler 5 said...

i really like how those look. one day i'll have to try one for myself. except that now i have to rebuild my stash of selvage, i gave i'll i had to you!
now, it has obviously been too long since i've been to your house. where is this picture taken?? downstairs in the girls room? i don't think i remember you painting it. anyway...we need to come down one on these days!

jEn paiGe said...

I love it! That is so cute! You are great!

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

You don't recognize that part of the house because it is on display at Cherry Tree Cottage in Spanish Fork!

Jill said...
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Jill said...

I love it! Just beautiful! I recently made a black and white zinger selvage quilt, and I am waiting for it to be quilted on the longarm at my local quilt store.
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