Monday, July 30, 2012

Blog Tour Day Seven

Tomorrow is the last day of the blog tour which means today is the day to visit:

Here is another page of pictures from Simply Charming Minis.  This one shows Cherry on Top on the left and Flying around in Circles on the Right.  The upper left quilt was the first one of the two of those quilts that was made.  The name came from the center red squares.  The bottom left is a more Christmasy version with green centers.  Olive on top doesn't sound quite as fun though.

My favorite part of Flying Around in Circles is the 16 patch in the center.  I think it's a great addition to lots of quilts.  This pattern is fun to see the difference when you switch the lights and darks.

Thanks for visiting!  On the road again this morning heading home!

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Shannon said...

I just started hopping but I love your book!! The quilt along looks so fun!