Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Good Thing About Cheap Fabric

The good thing about cheap fabric is that it is cheap. People who buy cheap fabric may not know that some fabric can cost more.

I went to a second hand shop a couple days ago and found this fabric:

It is a total of 4 yards of fabric. Two yards of the Americana postcards by Marcus Brothers and two yards of a homespun plaid. There wasn't a price on the fabric. I only wanted it if it was a good deal. I asked the price trying to look as though I didn't care. She said it would be $1 for one of the fabrics, and $1.50 for all of it. I'd say that's a price I can buy it even if I don't have anything in mind. I've always wanted to attend an estate sale of a quilter whose relatives didn't know what fabric is worth. I don't even know the first place to go to find out about an estate sale, and I don't really want to wish for the death of a quilter. 

Where have you found the best deals on fabric?


Lisa said...

At yard sales and estate sales. Sometimes goodwill in with the sheets! I love a deal! Nice find by the way!

Jeanenne Nielsen said...

I never have looked, but I have a friend who finds fabric at the D.I., and another quilter friend who has yard sales every once in awhile, just to clean up some of her stash.

Michele said...

I like to scour our local thrift stores, and have found some nice buys there. I actually found a few yards of vintage at a local antique shop at a very good price. Weekend flea markets are a good place to look, too.

JoAnne said...

I'm an Army wife and at several of our duty stations, there have been on-post quilt bees. At one, one of our other attendees decided she "no longer wanted to quilt anymore" so she invited us over to buy her stuff. It was cheap and good fabric, etc.! Then she missed quilting and started acquiring again and then proceeded to unload that, too.

Karrie S said...

You can find a ton of yard sales/estate sales on Craigslist. An estate sale happens when they need everything out of the house. Sometimes the fam hires a company to do it. Sometimes an "estate" sale is a crappy moving sale. But most have pretty good descriptions. Good luck!

There is a "quilter's sale" in my town this weekend (and last weekend) with 800+ yrds of fabric at $5/yd. or maybe 800 bolts. I think that's kinda high for fabric sitting at someone's house where you don't know what happens....I guess I would definitely prewash it anyway..., but I haven't checked it out yet.

Denise in PA said...

Yard sales! My husband haunts them weekly on Saturdays and he often comes home with fabric and other quilty stuff for me as usually amazing prices! I've gotten some really good stuff that way!