Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilt Dreams

Okay, this seems really odd to me, but I HAVE to share a dream I had last night.  Of course it was quilt related.  First I saw two hexagon quilts.  These weren't like the hexagon quilts over at the Great Hexagon Quilt Along.

One of them was a nine patch quilt, but the middle horizontal row was hexagons instead of squares.  I don't know how it was done, but it was cool. 

The second hexagon quilt was even cooler.  And whoever made it was giving it to me -- except it was only 3/4 of the way finished, so I was hesitant to take it.  This quilt was a scoop of mint ice cream in a sundae dish with chocolate and something else sprinklish or cherryish on top.  Some how the piecing in the quilt was larger hexagons. 

The next thing I saw wasn't a quilt, it was a pair of socks.  (I went to a local yarn shop yesterday, so I'm pretty sure that's where this one came from.)  Anyway, the socks were bar codes. 

Yes, that kind of bar code.  The numbers were around the top of the sock, and then there were vertical black strips on the ankle of a white sock.  How's that for whimsical.

The last scene I witnessed while sleeping was a show and tell.  I only saw one quilt.  It was a family tree quilt of sorts.  The lady had several children.  There was one fruit (apple, peach, etc) shaped quilt for each child about the size of a 12" quilt block.  Up near the stem where the leaves would be was a cluster of small appliqued circles.  On each circle was a picture of a member of the child's family.  The separate pieces of fruit (each child's quilt) were then sewn together at the edges to create a table runner linking the families together. 

How's that for random?  Feel free to take any of those ideas and run with them.  I sure won't be.  Way too complicated! 


Lee Ann said...

That is funny! Dreams are strange sometimes.

Speaking of family trees, there is a log cabin challenge in the Keepsake Quilter newsletter/catalog and it suddenly came to me that I could create a log cabin quilt wall hanging and combine my family tree with it. So, I doodled.

It is just a doodle right now, don't know if it will ever become a reality. It would take a lot more skills than I have to create it.

Gene Black said...

Wow a sock with your "Simply Charming Kids" bar code on it.

kwiltmakr said...

Dreams can make no sense sometimes. The socks, they would be sort of like the selvage quilts

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

Ever heard that expression "I want some of whatever she/he is on"....what did you eat/drink before bed my dear?
No, really, dreams are cool aren't they. When you think of all the images we are bombarded with in modern life who knows what happens in our subconscious to create wonderful dreams such as yours last night.

Beth said...

You are even creative while you are asleep. How cool.

Anonymous said...

It's okay! I dream in quilts, too! julie

CaliQuilter said...

I sometimes dream about quilting but it's usually being at the very end of the quilt and needing a three inch square of fabric that isn't being made anymore. More of a nightmare!