Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sewing for a Cause

Next weekend a friend of mine, Ella, is having a sew-a-thon to make quilts to sell at an auction. The money is to help a historic church (whose claim to fame is being on the movie Foot Loose) get new windows. More information about the church and sew-a-thon is here:

Ella has some things planned to encourage people to come and sew including:
Friday, Sept 6 at 1:00 trunk show by me while you sew
Friday, Sept 6 at 2:00 a beginning quilting class
The class I am teaching will be very different than most beginning quilting class. I am working up samples to show the difference between doing something "correctly" and doing something "incorrectly." AND - this part I am pretty excited about - I hope it is well received - I am going to talk about some times when it's okay to break the "rules."
Ella may not ask me back. I told her the contents of my class will be a surprise. (insert mildly evil laugh here)
If you will be in the area, come join us! (I heard Chick-fil-a is providing dinner Friday night!)

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Funky Kim said...

Darn! I won't be able to be at your class!