Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Auction Quilt

I don't often make auction or raffle quilts. I made an exception recently. My cousin is doing a fundraiser. I donated a quilt. I wanted to try to make something people would be more likely to bid on. I'm not sure it worked or not. When talking to his wife, she thought it would be good to make it red, white, and blue with quotes from President Lincoln.
Well, I didn't get started on the quote part right away, so I didn't have time. I have never been able to do iron on very well. Actually, I'm terrible at it. I was going to have the quotes printed at, but I didn't have time.
On to Plan B. I was going to sew the quotes myself. After picking some good quotes, I realized that even the short ones were too long for my inexperience and short amount of time. On to Plan C. I decided to go for words instead of quotes. I picked words from the Republican Platform, something I knew the audience would be drawn to.
Then for the red, white and blue. I grabbed two charm packs of Friendship, one of Moda's Collections for a Cause. It is red, white, and blue, sort of. It is more red, tan, and blue. Then I made it brown by adding a brown border and snowball blocks. I like it. I'm sure it wasn't what they were thinking, but I hope people like it.
Here is a close up of some the words.

I used my friend's method to write the words. Here's a link to her tutorial:

This is the first time I have tried it, so I don't do it as well. I think it turned out all right.
I still don't have high hopes for it. Maybe it's because I live in Utah. People around here would rather quilts themselves than buy them. Any of you found what works with auction and raffle quilts? I would love to know!


JoAnne said...

I have made a few things for my Mom to raffle at a very similar group as you are making your quilt. They do okay, but none of their silent auctions really make that much money, which I think is a little odd. I did make a quilt for the Vietnam Veteran's group for my home state. My father is actually MIA in Vietnam and there are only a handful of MIAs from the state. I made a patriotic wallhanging representing all of the military branches. I sent it off. A few months later I got a nice note from the person who won/bought it, but I never got anything from the Vet's group. That really turned me off, so now I only do things for groups that I'm in. Usually that means making or helping to make a raffle quilt for the Army Spouses Club that I'm in and those always do great.

Lesley said...

I think your quilt is wonderful! I've never made a raffle quilt so I can't help you out...but I do know your quilt is beautiful, and I'm sure lots of people will buy tickets!