Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book at the Printers

Simply Charming FUN is now at the printers! I just signed the proofs today. That means the book is on its way to press. Yeah! The book should be done and at my house Sept 18th or 21st if the schedule holds.

Signing the proof is the scariest part of the process for me. That means I get to spend lots of money, and if there is a mistake it is all my fault. EEK! By this point I have had the patterns tested and had checked and rechecked a gazillion times. Mostly I pray that if there is a mistake, it isn't a big one. It's like going on a trip, I know I am going to forget something, I just hope it isn't something important.

Remember --

Just for fun I will give one of my books away when I get them.

Stay tuned towards the end of September -- should be around the 21st -- for the freebie!

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