Thursday, September 30, 2010

Layer Cake Quilt Along 2010

You know a quilt along is almost here because the blog button has appeared!

Layer Cake Quilt Along
2 Nov 2010 to 3 May 2011

Starting November 2nd, every other TUESDAY, instructions for a new 12" block will be posted.  All of the blocks will be made from a layer cake (10" squares) and yardage.  Links to all of the blocks will be on this post, but instructions are first posted on my blog (click on the header at the top of this page).

Each block will be designed by a different person.  Every two weeks there will be a guest blogger on my blog introducing himself or herself and his/her block.  At the end you will have made a fun quilt
64" x 80."

Here's the information you need to get started:

Fabric Requirements:

1 Layer Cake (or 12 fat quarters)
1 1/2 yards accent fabric
1 2/3 yards outer border
4 yards backing
2/3 yards binding

Size of Quilt: 64" x 80"

There have already been some questions, so here's some answers. . . .

1)  Will linear quarter yards work?
They should work just fine.  I have told the designers that they have 10" squares of fabric to use in their designs.  Some of them will have pieces that are 10" long at most.  I was at first thinking this was a problem because you only have 9" of width with a linear yard, but you have 10" in the other direction. 

2)  What's up with the accent fabric?
The designers are not given liberty to use the accent fabric like they were with the last quilt along.  They were told they could use a small portion in small amounts if needed and it couldn't be along the outer edge of the block. 

The accent fabric will be used to frame each block as well as a stop border for the entire quilt.  The fabrics I am using are on the blog button.  I am using white as my accent fabric.  Everyone should NOT choose white.  Choose the fabric like you would choose a stop border.  (The stop border is that first narrow border that stops your eye as you are looking at the quilt.)

3)  When is the first drawing?
The first drawing will be on Tuesday, Nov 2.  To be entered in this drawing comment on this post.  If you know what fabric you are using, add that in.  If you don't know yet, that's okay.  Drawings will always be held Tuesday night after the posting of the block.  Winners will be posted the following day on my blog.

4)  How do I get entered into the block drawings?
You get entered into block drawings by posting your block on a flickr site.  Here is the link to the flickr group:
I'm sure I have forgotten something.  If you have questions, let me know.  FYI, if you post anonymously, then I can't email you a response.

Grab a button, and join the fun!!! 

(If you need help grabbing a button, check out my Blogger 101 post.  The link is HERE or in the sidebar under Tutorials.

HERE is the link to Block One
HERE is the link to Block Two
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HERE is the link to Block Eight
HERE is the link to Block Nine
HERE is the link to Block Ten
HERE is the link to Block Eleven
HERE is the link to Block Twelve
HERE is the link to the Finishing Instructions

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Report from Sioux City

Thanks to the great ladies in Sioux City, Iowa for a great sewing weekend!  First I got a friendly welcome from this fellow during my layover in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Once in Iowa, I was surrounded by quilters, so you know I had a grand time!  The quilt conference was at a local hospital.  The venue was so nice.  There was a nice, open room for vendors and good size rooms for classes.  On Saturday I taught two classes.  The first one was from my Simply Charming Seasons Book.  The ladies made either the snowman or the snowflake.  Several ladies got the center of their quilts done in the 3 hour class! 

After lunch the class was on the pattern Pinwheel Flowers from my Simply Charming Circles book.  One lady made a baby quilt size.  She finished the quilt in the three hour class!  Many others got the centers of their twin size quilt almost done. 

 After supper, I gave a trunk show.  Then I went home with intentions to get some work done, but I pretty much went right to sleep. 

The next day my fabulous hostess drove me to church (I love visiting new congregations when I travel!) and picked me up in time for lunch and a third class.  This class was from my Simply Charming Collection.  The quilt was the Charming Lonestar.  This is a favorite!  This one takes a minute or two or three to figure out how you are going to organize your fabrics, but after you start sewing it is FAST -- even though you square up your blocks! 

After supper I went right to bed.  It was about 8:30.  Gotta love days when you are busy doing something you love.  I suggested that the ladies show their quilts at their next guild meeting and send me some pictures since I was so busy having fun that I didn't take any. 

I guess I am a terrible photographer.  This is what I ended up with:

I stayed downtown near the art building.  There were statues scattered here and there.  I was planning to take a walk around town Saturday morning, but it turned out cold and foggy so I only made it one block.

This gas station was on the way to the hospital.  It took me by surprise.

The gas station is closed.  Right after it closed, someone switched the prices around as a joke.  I laughed.

And I got a picture of a necklace that my friend made me for the trip.  They just opened an etsy shop.

AND I finally took pictures of my fabric for the Layer Cake Quilt Along, so I should be getting that posted tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Bags are Packed

John Denver is on my list of all time favorite singers.  Although the only part of his song that applies is the first part, "All my bags are packed.  I'm ready to go. . . ."  I'm getting excited to travel this weekend to the great state of Iowa! 

Why Iowa?  Well, I will be teaching three quilt classes in Sioux City and giving a trunk show at their quilt show.  If you happen to live near there, you can email the president of the Siouxland Samplers Quilt Guild, June DeVries, at augjunebug {at} for more information. 

Here's a little piece of trivia about Iowa that you may or may not not know.  Sometimes people get it mixed up with Idaho.  During high school I moved from Idaho to Maryland and many of my friends couldn't remember if I was from Idaho or Iowa.  Now take me, for example, I would get Iowa mixed up with Ohio.  They are closer in proximity and closer in size and their names both have 4 letters.  It seems much more logical to confuse Iowa and Ohio than to confuse Iowa and Idaho. 

But I am not confused as to my destination because we drove through Sioux City on our way home from Paducah, Kentucky this year and stop at a gorgeous Louis and Clark monument that overlooked the city.  I am looking forward to heading their again. 

Oh, one correction to my original statement.  All my bags are not packed, but my quilts are packed, and that is really what is important here.

If you are in the area, come on by.  I would love to say hello!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Quilters Can Cook

Some quilters can cook. . . . but I am not one of those quilters.  That being said, I made THE BEST peach pie yesterday. . . . sort of.

Here is my recipe:
1)  Buy a pie crust from the freezer section of the grocery store.
2)  Go visit a neighbor when she is in the middle of canning peach pie filling.  You are bound to come home with a can.
3)  If you can't find a pie tin, use a metal skillet.

Yup.  That's how it's done at my house.  I wouldn't recommend step three.  I should have gone and purchased a pie tin.  Oops.  My husband was smart enough to suggest putting tin foil on the handle of the skillet. 

I can't believe how perfect my pie turned out.  Picture perfect! (at least in my book)

It even tastes as good as it looks! 

Oh, and if your tomato plants didn't do very well this year.  Go visit some neighbors.  Chances are they will share half a dozen or so.  Visit enough neighbors and your husband may get enough garden fresh tomatoes so he doesn't die from lack of garden fresh tomatoes during garden fresh tomato growing season.  I have offered to pay said neighbors for sharing their veggies, but that isn't how it's done in a small town. 

I think I may need dessert after my breakfast this morning!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Quilt Along?!?!

I had a productive couple hours waiting for children in the dentist's office this morning.  I made some decisions and came up with what I think is a fun idea for the next quilt along.  This is just preliminary information for those who want to get started thinking.  A formal announcement will be made along with more information when I get everything more formalized.  So for now. . . .

Layer Cake Quilt Along 
2 Nov 2010 to 3 May 2011

Fabric Requirements:
1 Layer Cake (or 12 fat quarters)
1 1/2 yards accent fabric
1 2/3 yards outer border
4 yards backing
2/3 yards binding

Size of Quilt:  64" x 80"

There will be 12 sampler blocks with a fun new layout and new designers!  Boy, I can't wait to get started myself! 

Why wait until November?  Well, I still have to round up a few designers and give you some time to get your fabric.  Then there is this little thing called Quilt Market the end of October that designers are all very, very busy with.  So we will get started right after Market. 

P.S.  More quilts are being added to the Jelly Roll Sampler Flickr group.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  All of your creativity inspired some creativity of my own with the layout of our quilt, but it will be a while before we get to see that!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sometimes Fabric Talks to Me

I picked up an alphabet panel somewhere recently.  It wasn't that long ago, but I can't remember where I got it.  I was at a quilt shop -- could have been locally, could have been online.  It was on sale.  I needed it. 

I intended the panel for my daughter who just started kindergarten.  She sings the alphabet all the time, but I recently realized that she can't recognize all the letters yet.  Oops! 

The panel instantly became my two year old's when it got home.  She played with it daily so I had to do something with it quick!  I was going to make an alphabet book with it, but daughter wanted a quilt. 

Hmmm. . . .

I took the panel into my sewing room and the things just happened.  I showed the panel some cute polka dots friends, but they didn't want to play together.  I had a red that I thought could be a good friend, but no.  There was a piece of black and white fabric sitting there so nicely.  I thought it would be great for another project so I didn't think it should play with the panel.  The black and white piece wouldn't let me be.  So I gave in.  I used the whole piece.  It was the perfect amount of the perfect fabric. 

The panel wanted to be tied.  It said that kids like playing with ties, and it didn't really want to be stitched.  I was even going to just stitch between the blocks.  Oh well.  I listened.  I tied it.  When the gold yarn said, "Pick me!  Pick me!"  I picked it up, set it down, and tried to find something else.  But gold it was and that was that. 

It asked for a poly batt, but when I went to get the batt, this cotton said he would work.  It was just the right size.  No poly spoke up quick enough so cotton it was. 

After I got it tied, I wanted to bind it in red.  But there was this piece of orange that wanted to play.  I almost refused, but maybe I was learning because instead I picked it up and sewed it on. 

And here is the quilt that all but sewed itself:

Both the 2 year old and the kindergartener love it.  Fortunately there hasn't been any fighting over it yet.  Do I need a psychiatrist?  I don't think so.  Sewing is my therapy.  Maybe that's why my fabric talks to me. 

Does your fabric ever talk to you?