Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Block Six Winners!

So I just realized I have messed up. Last time I announced the block six winners. That was technically the block five winners. This is the block six winners. Sorry. I messed up the one before that also. Not that is matters too awfully much. We still have winners either way.

So winners, winners, whose got some winners?  We have FIVE winners today!  Yeah!!!

First off, we have FOUR lucky winners who each get to pick a pattern from the Posse Boss' Etsy Shop!  They are:

Craftee CC!

Stitching Sunshine!


and Susan's Stitches!

and the last winner is lehsmik who wins the jelly roll from me!


These are the Flickr usernames. I have emailed both winners via Flickr mail. I have also posted their blocks to help identify the winners. Email me (kluckau@moosequilts.com) to claim your prize.

Remember, if you didn't get your block done, no worries. There will be another drawing in two weeks. Any blocks posted between now and then will be entered into the next drawing. We've had quite a few start just this past week and are caught up already.

Thanks for playing everyone! Keep on quilting!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Day!

I do have some winners to announce, but this post was getting long, so I am making it it's own post.  You can read it, or not.  The winner's are coming ASAP!

But first, I have had a day.  The only thing on my mind has been to get my block done.  My day had other plans.  Do you have days that have minds of their owns? 

Kids didn't want to get up, missed the bus.  (I think this is only the second time the whole school year that they've missed the bus.  It did come a few minutes early also so, you know, it happens.)  The neighbor kids missed the bus too.  It's raining.  After I grabbed the neighbor kids to take them to school, I notice that the steering wheel is pulling hard to the left.  It was a flat tire.  It's raining, and I am around the block from my house.  I know you aren't suppose to drive on a flat, but I thought around the block would be okay.  It technically wasn't, but nothing got hurt so I guess it was okay.  The 5 kids cram into the car, and I drive them to school.  I got some orders ready to take to the post office, get the other kids breakfast, and take care of the baby while my husband takes the tire off and puts it in the trunk of the car.  Get the baby down for a nap, run to the post office, and out to the tire center that is a little further away but will fix the tire free. 

Lunch, I don't know where lunch went.

One nice thing about tire centers is that they have soft chairs.  They must not want us to be crabby while we wait.  Works for me.  I almost took a nap, but I had a quilt magazine with me.  Quilter's Home and I got some quality time together.  I'd say I used my time at the tire center very wisely. 

Get home, feed the baby, and now the kids are home from school.  Now we are on to Karate, house cleaning and supper.  Kids were actually very helpful today so they watched a movie for an hour after dinner.  (I know there is technically a difference between supper and dinner.  I don't know what it is.  To me they are both the evening meal.  My mother would say otherwise.  Oops.)  So it's 10:00, and the baby finally gives up and goes to sleep.  I've been trying to get her to sleep for ages.  This one is a little pill.  Love her to pieces, but she's a pill. 

Finally, I tell the kids goodnight, I am going to sew.  BUT NO!  It was not to be.  My boy reminds me, for the hundredth time, that I said I would sign off the things he had done in his scout book.  The book has been lost for a couple months and magically turned up as we were cleaning.  So I passed off my son's stuff in his scout book instead of sewing up block seven. 

Some days are just like that.  But you know, I had a day.  And that is saying something! 

Block Seven with the Posse Boss

Today we get to meet the Posse Boss, sometimes known as Becky Jorgenson. 

Becky is also from Utah, but I have never met her in person.  I don't know how we haven't met.  It is one of those odd things.  The circles of our lives overlap in so many ways.  We've had to have been at the same quilting events, but oh well.  One day I shall meet the Posse Boss in person!  But let me have her introduce herself.  Becky is a hoot:

So—-here I am, and here is my page about me. I don't really like tooting my own horn, but when it comes down to sewing you can't shut me up!

I am –the posse boss, really though my first name is Becky

I am homeschooling mother of 4. We keep busy during the day, but after everything is done…it's me time! I hide in my sewing area- just off of the play room. I am married to a wonderful 'honey' who is a contractor {builds homes} and also designs them. He luckily notices when his wife needs some sewing time and let me get away with a bunch of stuff! I am lucky like that.

I love to sew anything that i can get my hands on. I am not restrictive when it comes to projects. Hand embroider, Machine quilting, or X-stitch. I do it all. Bags, hotpads, aprons, quilts, samplers, dolls, toys…whatever else that comes to mind.

I started sewing when I was 8 and made my first mini sampler–I still have it to prove it!!- then things settled for awhile {i was too busy growing up} and when i had my first baby, I of course needed to make her a quilt. The quilting obsession started and it hasn't stopped! At one time I stitched for Shephard's Bush in Utah and now own my own online sewing business– Patchwork Posse.

I have been blogging and selling my goods on Etsy for a few years now, and I have gone beyond ready made items….I have patterns! I love making new patterns and the design process. I have a sketch book that gets filled with more ideas than time in the day to complete.

Currently I am expanding my tutorials to Round Robins and Focus Fridays. They have been so much fun!

Here is my little didi on Patchwork Posse— it is an online sewing group. We meet once a month online in a network that is full of patterns, a forum, live chat, show & tell photos and whatever else everyone shares! There is a group of top-notch designers that are sharing a pattern with only the group—before it is available to the public— Register here to join us.

See what I mean!  Check out her blog (after you get this pattern).  There is a picture of her driving in a truck with her chicken (It was a month or so back).  Oh my! 

Click HERE for instructions to Becky's block.

Thanks Becky!

Once again.  I don't have my block made.  This time it was because I made myself finish my other projects first before I was allowed to make this block.  I did get the last blocks done, but haven't taken my pictures yet.  I will be making my block 7 with you today.  It's on my list! 

But you need to see how fun this block is -- so here's Becky's block!

AND Becky has generously donated FOUR patterns from her etsy shop.  Take a look at some of her offerings:

I love the little hedgehog!  So thanks to Becky and adding a jelly roll from me, that makes FIVE winners tomorrow!  Ready, . . . . Set,  . . . . GO SEW! 

Oh yes, and the reminder:
REMINDER: You have two weeks to make these blocks. There will be a drawing tomorrow for BLOCK SIX. Of course, any block that is posted before mine (I will post mine late tonight) on flickr gets entered in the drawing.  So if you are behind, NOW is a great time to catch up!  With these blocks, it's just as easy to make two as it is to make one!

Happy Quilting!  See you soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Singing the Spring Market Blues

I'm singing the blues tonight, the Spring Market Blues.  Sample Spree was tonight at Spring Market.  That event occurred in Minneapolis.  I am not in Minneapolis.  I am 1,359 miles away according to Google Maps. 

Fortunately, there are others who are attending who are kind enough to give us a peek at all their excitement.  Pam Kitty Morning has a blog where she has listed some quilters who are posting information about market:  HERE is that link in case you are singing the blues like I am.

Why am I not going to Market?  I have an almost 7 month old baby.  They don't allow children at Market.  I don't think it would be a good mix even if they did allow it. 

What am I going to do while other fortunate souls are in Minneapolis?  Thanks for asking.  Actually, I am doing something this weekend.  I am going to do a triathlon on Saturday.  I did my first triathlon last spring.  I was 3 months pregnant.  LOVED it!!!  (I practically walked the run with my SIL who has horrid hip problems.  She then in turn beat me big time because whenever I would start to get out of breath on the bike, I would slow down, you know, for the baby.)  Anyway, the triathlon this Saturday is a women's only race called "Women of Steel."  You know we all love that name.  The host city has "Steel Days" that the race is not in conjunction with, but it is an appropriate name.  I think I am more nervous for this race because this time I will be trying to do well.  The thing I love about these races is that it feels like a celebration of life.  I never know who the actual winner is.  I never really care.  Everyone who finishes is a winner. 

Oh yes, and tomorrow I am going to sew the next block so I will have something to show y'all on Monday!  I did get my other two blocks done, but I haven't taken their picture yet.  They are being camera shy.  I will have to talk them out of that.

What are y'all doing this weekend besides wanting to be at Market?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Block Six Winners!

I was up until 2:30 this morning and forgot to pick us some winners.  Good thing we are all having a good time, and I know you will forgive me for posting them now.  I'm only a few hours late. 

Thank you for asking -- the project that kept me up so late is almost done (the new book that I am taking to the printer today!).  Just a couple little things left that I will finish as soon as we post these winners --

janamcb wins the charm pack from Nanette!

and ozarkwell wins a jelly roll from me!


These are the Flickr usernames. I have emailed both winners via Flickr mail. I have also posted their blocks to help identify the winners. Email me to claim your prize.

Remember, if you didn't get your block done, no worries. There will be another drawing in two weeks. Any blocks posted between now and then will be entered into the next drawing. We've had quite a few start just this past week and are caught up already.

Thanks for playing everyone! Keep on quilting!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Block Six with Freda's Hive

Nanette lives close enough to me that our paths have crossed a time or two at local quilt shows.  Who's Nanette?  Nanette Merrill is the lady behind the blog Freda's Hive.  Check out her blog.  It's a lot of fun.  While half the time I think of her as Freda, her name is Nanette.  Anyway, Nanette is one of those fun ladies who is fun to be around.  She is always cheerful and positive.  She was someone who quickly came to mind as I was thinking about doing this Jelly Roll Sampler.  One thing I really like about Nanette is that her style is so different from mine.  The fabric she's drawn to is as bright and happy as she is. 

Here's from Nanette:
Hi. This is Nanette from Freda’s Hive. Lots of people call me Freda and I’m always okay with that but Freda is my mother’s name. Mostly I don’t correct anyone because coming from a family of 5 girls and having 7 daughters (and 1 son) I have been called everything from my sister’s, aunt’s and my mother’s name to all my daughter’s names.

Freda, my mom, made everything from our swimming suits to jeans and wedding dresses when I was growing up. She taught me how to sew and taught me just about everything else I know so I thought it was fitting that our blog be named in honor of her. The hive part is because of our big family and the fact that our home is always a buzz of activity. In a hive each bee has to work to contribute and I’ve always tried to teach my family that life is work and work is good. I have sewn since I was a girl and quilted for more than 12 years. I love designing patterns and creating quilts and projects. Creating is essential to my happiness. I hope you enjoy making my block. Thanks Konda for inviting me to participate. This Jelly Roll-A-Long has been really fun. In fact, this is the quilt we will be making at the Breton Girls Family Retreat in September when I get together with my sisters, nieces and my daughters to make a quilt. It is a great project for anyone and everyone.

Click HERE for instructions to Nanette's block.

Thanks Nanette!!!

Here's where I am suppose to say, "Here are my blocks."  BUT I can't.  Here are Nanette's blocks though!

Is that fussy cutting in the center?  Yes!  Isn't it great!?!  She has included that in the instructions.  I have been itching to make this block since Nanette sent me the pattern.  So what happened to my blocks?  Well, it's called Quilt Market.  I have been frantically trying to get my book to the printer.  (It didn't help to take a week and a half off to go to Paducah, but that's okay!)  I have an appointment to take it to him tomorrow. 

I told myself I couldn't make my blocks until the book is done.  I have been trying to convince myself that's it's alright -- "These blocks are so fast!"  "I bet you could just whip it up and your book wouldn't even notice the different." and "Come on, you HAVE to get your blocks done, you just HAVE TO!"  Well, once Nanette sent me two pictures of her blocks, I decided to post those for you.  I will get mine done soon because all of these blocks are fast.  I haven't enjoyed listening to myself this week. 

Anyway -- look what Nanette has for you!  She has put together a charm pack of 20 -- 6 inch squares.  So one lucky winner can have some of Nanette's fun, happy fabric for herself (or his-self)! 

Thanks Nanette!

REMINDER: You have two weeks to make these blocks. There will be a drawing tomorrow for block four. Of course, any block that is posted before mine (or Nanette's) on flickr gets entered in the drawing. I have another jelly roll up for grabs and Emily has graciously donated one of her patterns. YEAH!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paducah Report

Is Paducah old news yet?  Is it over and done and on to the next thing?  Getting ready for HMQS?  Minneapolis?  Knoxville?  I just took 17 of my quilts to a friend of mine who is taking them to HMQS for a special exhibit of some sort. 

Well in case anyone is still interested, here's my report for what it is worth. 

First, it was a fun show!  Thanks to all of you who found me to say hello.  Paducah is a different show than others I've been to.  The whole city feels like a quilt show.  I made it to a vintage quilt show at a civic center that was wonderful.  There were several locations I didn't make it to.  I was in the Pavilion.  Here is a picture of it from the AQS blog:

Where's my picture?  Well, it's on my camera.  I have had some serious camera problems with this trip.  First of all, I didn't bring my camera cord to transfer the pictures to my husband's laptop while we were in Paducah.  I was planning on showing you fun pictures while I was there.  That didn't happen.  Sorry. 

Now we are home and there's a new problem -- the camera is missing.  I don't know where I misplaced it.  The last time I used it was last Saturday when we went north east of Paducah into Amish country.  This was after the show ended though so everything was closed.  We took a ferry across the river to Hole in the Rock.  I used that camera to take pictures there.  That is my little camera that fits in my pocket.  On the way home I used my bigger camera to take pictures so the little camera wasn't missed until we got home.  I am still hopeful that it is hiding in a nook or cranny that I haven't seen yet.

Well, onward and upward ---
The pavilion was lovely.  It had wonderful lighting.  The only time I didn't like the pavilion was when there was a big storm on Saturday.  It was very loud inside the pavilion.  My favorite part about my location was being across from the Kaffe Fassett exhibit. 

Here is a picture, again from the AQS blog:  (Thank goodness they took a few pictures.)

 Kaffe and Liza were there signing their new book.  I, of course, bought a book and got it signed.  I wasn't going to because I thought the line would be forever long, and I had to be at my booth instead of standing in line.  Well the line came and went, so during a lull, I dashed over.  That was the souvenir I bought myself. 

On my camera I also have a picture of a Ricky Tims sit in.  What happened is this.  On my way into the show I saw a sign that said that Ricky was going to be there signing autographs at 12:30.  About a quarter to one, I dashed over there to take a picture.  Yes, you guessed it, I had read the sign wrong.  He had been there the hour before.  So my booth neighbor The Fabric Organizer said I could take a picture of her.  So I did. 

What about the quilts?  The quilts were, of course, incredible.  It felt like they took the winners of all the other shows and just showed those.  Every single one was a work of art.  I will never quilt like that.  And I'm okay with that. 

That's about the size.  There were a couple of you that got pictures with your cameras that I assume you have not misplaced.  Feel free to post a link to your blog in the comments.