Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nerves of . . . ?

Right now I definitely do not have nerves of steel. I do not know what the correct adjective would be. Jello? That's a little more appropriate. What am I nervous about? Not the Jelly Roll Sampler. I love the way my block turned out. In fact, I am having trouble waiting for another week to show it to you.

The Saturday after next I have signed up for a 5K. I started running them again a couple years ago, and I have really enjoyed the extra incentive they give me to get off the computer chair. However, I am feeling my age. It is more difficult to get back into shape when I take time off like I have all winter.

A couple weeks ago, there was a break in the weather, so I took my kids to the track. I made it two miles, but my 11 year old daughter was kicking my butt. It was like the tortoise and the hare. She was bouncing around running ahead, running back as I just plodded along. I knew she would be faster than me eventually, but I wasn't ready for it to happen yet.

The dose of humility is good for me. My goal with this race is to run the whole way. (I just hope my daughter doesn't get too bored waiting for me at the finish line.)

I am still shaking in my shoes because I am not ready. Any advice to firm up my nerves of jello?


Jandi said...

Last year, after years of back surgeries and knee surgeries, I decide to run a 5K. Hey, I used to run them all the time before my knees gave out, so how hard could it be? Oh, yeah...hard. Anyway, I just decided on what my goal would be. The first race I just wanted not to be last. My second, I just wanted to run the entire way. Having a realistic goal for myself helped me firm up my nerves!

pdudgeon said...

Enjoy it!
just do it for the enjoyment of running again, getting outside, and being with other runners.

Gene Black said...

I don't run a lot, but I walk 2 miles most days (even in winter!) It is great for keeping my weight under control. It also helps with my blood pressure. (and my back doesn't need to see the chiropractor nearly as often!)

Marilyn Gregory said...

It's OK to have to walk a little.
Just be so proud you are actually doing it!

{hip} said...

good for you! :) enjoy every moment!

Leslie said...

YAY YOU! I can relate! I started running again after taking a couple of YEARS off! how dumb was that?!! anyways I have ran 3 5K's in 3 months, I am still slow but it sure does feel good!
Have fun and good luck!

Kelli said...

This is a fun race. Pretty casual. I was going to run it with my 12 year old, but we just got a birthday party invite for Saturday morning. I guess we will skip it this year. Good Luck.