Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's to Tulle

Last night I made three tutus.  One of my daughters is going to be a dancer in a school play, and I thought this would be the easiest costume.  If I was making one, I may as well make three.  It would make my life easier to not have three girls arguing over just one. 

I got over twelve yards of pink, purple, and while tulle.  What a pain!  I was able to cut through all of the layers at once so it wasn't bad as I thought it would be.  The top layer or two kept trying to fly away though.  The worst part was cutting it all in half along a fold I could hardly see.  As I started tying the tulle on the elastic, I started thinking it was going to a miserable evening.  Then as the elastic was twisting and turning, I thought to have one of the girls put it on.  It was pretty slick to tie the tulle strips on while the girls were wearing the elastic waistband.  The strips of tulle are not even at all.  I did it fast, and I didn't trim the length. 

The girls love them. 

I am glad it didn't turn into a UFO (Un-Finished Object).  I dreaded having a pile of tulle strips floating around.  I think it took a couple hours to make all three start to stop.  There's tutorials all over the internet if you want to make one.  I can't say I enjoyed making them, but it went pretty quick after I got the tulle cut.  Where's Moda to make my precut tulle strips?!? 


The Wheelers said...

if i remember right you have 5 girls. two of them are missing out! i bet the 3 really like them though.

Lauren said...

I buy the rolls of tulle. You can roll out three at once and cut through all three layers. It goes pretty fast. That's really helpful if you are alternating colors, too.

I also slip the elastic onto my leg (about mid-thigh) while I'm tying. If you don't tie too tight and aim the knot at the base of the elastic, as well as use a thick elastic (about 1 inch), that helps stop the elastic from rolling.

Yours look great! I bet your girls will love them for a long time!

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

I didn't worry about the oldest and youngest girls needing a tutu. (Didn't worry about my boy needing one either.)

Cathy said...

I have seen the large elastic head bands used for the waist bands too. I made a Tinkerbelle costume with a tulle underskirt. What fun to sew! Next time use a washable marker (Crayola) to mark your cut lines. A quick dip in warm soapy water followed by a rinse will remove any remaining marks. A good shake and a few minutes on air fluff in the dryer will fix it right up!

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

Great suggestions! I should've asked for advice before hand.