Tuesday, June 7, 2011


With the end of the school year, I fell into a black hole.  I think I am emerging from it.  I hope I am emerging.  I occasionally fall into these black holes.  Fortunately, they aren't caused by depression, just busyness that has to take precedence over quilting.  I am looking forward to finding my sewing machine again.  I wonder if she is still there?

Actually, last week I quilted and bound a baby quilt using some of Moda's patch fabric.  Have you seen this stuff?

It comes and goes in popularity.  I don't think any of their new lines have it.  The squares are actually sewn together.  It is a cheater cloth that doesn't look like a cheater cloth because the squares are not just printed on, they are sewn together.  My husband's cousin was having a baby shower, and her mother, not unexpectedly, asked me to quilt 4 baby quilts for her.  Of course, I did, but that left little time for me to make a quilt.  The solution -- patch fabric!  I keep some on hand just for occasions like this.  The one above, I have used for several wedding quilts.  It was 54" wide, so 2 yards made a nice throw.  I have another one that is pastel pinks, yellows, blues, etc.  Perfect for a baby girl.  It was 45" wide, so I cut it 40" long and wa-lah!  Baby quilt! 

Hope your life isn't too busy to spend a few minutes with fabric!


Impera Magna said...

I've not heard of Moda patch fabric... will have to keep my eyes peeled... what a neat thing to keep on hand for quit emergencies!

Pauline said...

I've only seen it online, so I've wondered what it actually is, so thanks for the product review!

Stitching is my sanity saver, so I try to play with fabric every single day!

Gene Black said...

I have never heard of the patch fabric. I have bought cheater cloth, but I have never used it. LOL. I think I would use the patch fabric.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Those sweet sewing machine...they can hide sometimes...but, they are always waiting patiently for us to come back to them. =D


Megan said...

Oh, Sonnet fabric. I love you so. It makes me happy to see you put it to work! Those patch fabrics are definite lifesavers!

Kim and Jim said...

Love the patch fabric idea! In fact, I need to go get a bunch of it now, and maybe I can catch up on a list of baby quilt projects I have just sitting there.

Oh- and I did my Half-Marathon on Saturday. Were you as sore after you finished yours as I was?? I can still barely walk. And I got Laryngitis from it. Strange!