Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fat Quarter Stars Block Two with Carrie Graziano

Lots of stars of popping up on the flickr site! So much fun!  That's how you get into the drawing for the prizes -- by posting 1 picture of each of your blocks.

Today block two is brought to us today by Carrie Graziano.

Here's Carrie!

Hi there! I’m Carrie Graziano of crickets studio, and I basically love to create and make EVERYTHING! That’s why I opened my studio back in 1993, so I could show others how to do the crazy stuff that I think up! I’m a published author of decorative painting books and magazine articles, and before my kids came along I traveled around the US teaching cool students all about my art. I’m also an avid photographer and scrapbooker, having been in the scrapbooking business now for 10 years. To “relax” my husband bought me a sewing machine in 1995, and well, I haven’t stopped quilting yet. I did take a short break when my daughter (she’s 7 ½) and my son (he’s 3) were born. I’ve been back for a couple of years now with needle in hand and ready to go! I actually re-entered the traditional workforce on October 3rd and am now working full-time again in a local interior design firm. Right now my primary focus is trying to balance job, kids, quilting, fun, home and well, everything!

My blog is fairly new, and I’m venturing out into the online world of quilt blogging and designing. Although I have taught quilting classes in my home studio, “teaching” via a blog is a whole new world for me. Check out my blog for my Tips & Tricks Quilt Along that started in January. It’s perfect for any level quilter….it’s a monthly class where at year-end we’ll have a lovely sampler quilt top, and some new techniques and tips under our belt, too! You can start it at any time. I hope to have more tutorials and another faster-paced quilt along up soon.
So, enjoy the block I’ve designed, feel free to pop questions to me. Remember to enjoy the journey!


Thanks Carrie!  Now, before I show you Carrie's block. . . .  No, I will just show you the block and then make an observation.  So, here's Carrie's block!

and here's my block!

Okay, you might notice that my corner triangles are different than Carrie's.  (You might also notice that I need to press my block, but you are kind enough not to say anything, so thank you!)  The way Carrie has her corner triangles would make a very interesting secondary pattern if you were making a quilt with this block.  Since we aren't, I couldn't resist the way I put the block together.  Feel free to experiment with that!

And just a quick comment on the pattern that I'm sure someone will ask about.  For the inner hourglass block, Carrie has you cut 6" squares.  She does this so your blocks will turn out perfect!  You can cut 5 1/2" squares.  It does leave you room to square up, but just barely, and it isn't enough if you have a tendancy towards larger seams. 

Click HERE for the link to the instructions.

What happens next?

The drawing will be from the flickr group.  The drawing tonight (first thing in the morning really) is for any blocks posted since my last block 1 was posted.  The drawing is technically for block 1, but any blocks posted will be in the drawing.  There will be some of you who are quick and will get your blocks posted. 

This block is "due" in two weeks.  I say due, but it really doesn't matter.  Post your block when you get it done, and it will be entered into the next drawing.  If you make one block, post one picture.  If you make two blocks, post two pictures.

What's up for grabs this time?


1)  Carrie has graciously donated one turnover of The Caroler by Mary Engelbreit for Moda!

2)  I have 5 Pirate fat quarters by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake for one person! (Not the black, three prints in light blue and two in cream -- yes there are skulls.  Just in time for halloween.)

3)  And don't forget we have 4 -- 1 yard pieces of possible background fabric to give away because I messed up!  Info HERE is you missed it.

I am just posting this information again:

Sometimes the pdf doesn't download for some reason or another.  I don't know why.  I like to think it's because so many people are downloading it!  If it doesn't work after you have tried a few times, email me kluckau@moosequilts.com, and I will send it to you.  One other thing you can try is to right-click on the link and click on "Save target as," save it to your computer, and then open it.

If you have questions on the block, ask here or on flickr.  Ask a question in the comments of your block or start a new discussion in the flickr group.  In the past quilt alongs, those who post on flickr become a community.  I am sure this one will be no different.  Often others in the group will answer each others questions before I even see the question.  I love being part of the community of quilters!

I will post winners tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!


Phyllis said...

Blocks one and two are done and they are fun to make. I'm using Civil War fabrics and they look great. Thanks for the patterns. I don't do Flicker so I can't show them to you but they worked out easily.

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

I'm glad your blocks turned out great! We really would love to see them though. When you get ready to give flickr a try, check out my Flickr 101 and Flickr 102 tutorials on the list of tutorials at the right.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I think I'm going for your layout. Seems to finish the look.


Lesley said...

I now love Tuesdays! Supper dishes done...now it's time to get sewing! Thanks for the design, Carrie! And nice to see both the similarities and the differences in the two blocks..off to sew!

VickiT said...

This looks like a great block. Thank you Carrie.