Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Homemade Christmas Part I

I had a difficult time getting something for my sister-in-law for Christmas this year.  It wasn't so much coming up with an idea.  I had quite a few ideas.  It was just figuring out which one I thought would be the most fun that I wanted to make.

My first idea was a couple fun bags with the clear vinyl.  I tested it out.  While it turned out okay, it wasn't good enough to give.

Why?  Because I didn't buy the pattern, and all my seams are exposed on the inside.  My original idea for construction didn't work.  The vinyl was such a pain that I didn't wan't to try again. I also wasn't very pleased with the zipper.

This one works great for me, and enough time has passed now that I may try again.

As I was looking for a scarf pattern for some ruffle fabric I bought, I ran across this pattern:

I made a couple changes and it was perfect!

(Side note/confession: I didn't get the good stuff.  I used a coupon and got it at Hobby Lobby.  Hope it holds up alright.  I can tell a difference with quilt fabric.  I don't know the difference between this stuff.)

First, the bag was a little large for me.  I cut mine 15" x 17" and used a 1/2" seam.  Also, I used upholstery weight fabric so I didn't have to line the fabric with interfacing.  The only thing it's missing was the cute little flower.  The flower would have looked great, but it was too late for me to figure out how to make one!

Here's the inside.  Simple, no pockets.

That present got shipped down to Arizona.  Hope she liked it!

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