Thursday, January 5, 2012

Block Seven Winners

An odd thing happened to me this week.  On Monday (no school) I took my two older kids running (just a couple miles).  We ran a route that we often run.  Part of it is an a dirt road where cars aren't suppose to be so people often go walking or running there.  My daughter, young and fast, was ahead of us, and I sw that she had stopped to talk to someone.  It looked like it could have been one of her friends.  When I got there, my daughter had already taken off running again, and I saw that it was a lady I didn't know.  She stopped me and said I looked familiar as was trying to figure out where whe knew me from.  Then she says, "I know this may seem odd, but do you have any children who want to take piano or violin lessons?"

Although I was half wondering who this crazy lady was who was asking if I wanted her to give my children music lessons, I actually said yes!  For at least a year, I have wanted to have one of my middle girls take piano lessons.  I really wanted it to be somewhere that she could walk.  My next door neighbor use to teach piano lessons, but she passed away suddenly.  We still miss her. 

Turns out, that this new lady is within walking distance, teaches piano to one of my neighbor's three children, my daughter has taken her first lesson, and my daughter loved it! 

Lessons:  1)  Sometimes it's okay to go out on a limb and ask a question that sounds crazy.  2)  Sometimes it's good to jump on an opportunity that is presented.  3)  When a daughter needs piano lessons, just get her in piano lessons already!

Enough with the story, we have winners!

First, the winner of the 3 charm packs from Colleen:

And the winner of two of my patterns:
Gi Quilt!

Congratulations!  Send me your info (, and we will get those right out to you!


grendelskin said...

Oh boy, thank you Konda, thank you Colleen!

Isn't it funny how these things happen? I know folks who'd say there was something more at work than coincidence (insert eerie, New Age or holy music here at your whim). Kudos for not shrugging the newcomer off as a potentially crazy stranger, it's HARD to be open minded about new encounters sometimes.

c said...

theya re all very pretty, I love the next one spinning that way too.

How nice of you to provide piano lessons.