Monday, April 16, 2012

Playing with Rick Rack Doll Pillows

The other day I was playing with putting rick rack around some bean bags to jazz them up.  My test subjects became two doll pillows for my two "baby" girls - age 2 and 4.

Fronts - -

Backs - -

I was surprised how slick they came together.  First I sewed the rick rack onto edge of the right side of one of the fabrics.  Then I put the two fabrics right sides together and sewed on the seam line from sewing on the rick rack - leaving space to turn it.  After clipping the corners, turning, stuffing, and stitching, they were done.  I was worried about how to get the rickrack sewn in at just the place.  That method worked great! 

I made these the weeek before easter I think.  As I made the pillows, I thought that I should save them for easter.  I couldn't.  I just gave them to the girls.  They loved them for a few days.  I don't know where they are now.  I'm sure as soon as they find them, they won't be able to part with them - for a few more days! 


gi quilt said...

Love the doll pillows. I need to make two doll quilts these pillows would really add to the gifts!

Thanks for the lovely fatquarters prize. One will go in my stash of fabric for The Circuit Rider Quilt. I have fabric for a "Franklin Rodeo" quilt and the others will go in that quilt. Loved the quilt-a-long.

Marianne said...

They turned out cute! My problem would be with the corners.