Friday, May 11, 2012

Boat Block

This block is for a quilt a friend of mine is putting together for one of our church leaders who has cancer.  She said the theme was sea and something and the colors were blue and white. 

I had a really hard time with using only two colors.  This boat was only suppose to have the bottom right three triangles.  Then there was water below the boat.  At first I was going to have the sky light blue and the water dark blue.  But that left the ship to being white.  The sails would look good white, but what color would the ship be?

I couldn't think that hard.  So I made the background white.  With a white background, the ship's sail can't be white.  Oh my!  So this is what I ended up with.  I like it, but it made me think way to hard on a Friday!


Unknown said...

I love it, Konda! It is perfect!!!! Have a safe trip :)

Gari in AL said...

And retired people shouldn't have to think too hard. Cute block.

gi quilt said...

I think this fulfills the requirements. Love the block with tall ships.

Linda Big D said...

Thanks for the idea! I have about 60 half square triangle "bonus" squares from another project. They are red and blue stars on a white background, so they will make great sails on a lot of boats! I can see a fun small quilt in the near future!