Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Springtime in the Rockies Blog Tour

My new book, Springtime in the Rockies, came out this summer. It is finally time to formally introduce it with a blog tour! The fun starts tomorrow! Books will be given out all along the way. Join the fun!
Sept 19 - Kansas City Star http://www.pickledish.com/
                        Sherri McConnell http://www.aquiltinglife.com/
Sept 21 -  April Mazzoleni http://aprilmaedesigns.com/
                        Maggie Barber http://shortcookie.blogspot.com
                        Marion McClellan http://myquiltdiet.blogspot.com/
                        Kathy Miller  http://makingitfun.blogspot.com/
                        JoyLyn Rigby http://broadbentquiltshop.blogspot.com/
                        Shannon White http://itssewshannon.blogspot.com/
                        Kim Walus http://bittybitsandpieces.blogspot.com/
Sept 27 - Konda Luckau http://moosequilts.blogspot.com
                        Jenifer Dick http://www.42quilts.com/


Melody said...

How exciting! I'll make a point to follow each of them before work each morning. One way or another I'll have a copy for myself and maybe a Christmas present or two!

Anonymous said...

You are such a giving person. I have been a follower for sometime and really appreciate everything you do for all of your followers. Here's hoping I can win. You are one busy lady and I enjoy all of your creative designs and ideas.

Sandi T.

Anonymous said...

I so want a copy of Springtime in the Rockies and I follow your blog with anticipation and wonder for the beautiful quilts in your giveaway book. Thank you for you generosity and love for quilters.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of Spriangtime in the Rockies is a beautiful thought. The quilts in the book are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...