Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It'a A Mini Quilt Along-- Flying Around in Circles

I am SO glad that Konda invited me over for a visit today :)  

HI!!!!, I am Marion (I blog HERE) and I met Konda back in January when I began my SUPER Awesome Quilting Adventure!
(You can read all about my Quilting Crusade HERE)

I soon discovered that Konda was probably the best person I could have happened upon as I was learning how to quilt.  Little did I realize, at the time, that she was FAMOUS and so TREMENDOUSLY talented!!

So, are you ready to party??? YEE HAW!!!

I chose "Flying Around in Circles" because, let's face it, it's what I do best ;D
...and it's so DARN cute ;)

So, SERIOUSLY, how did I not know how much fun making Mini Quilts is/are/was???
(Which is it?  That sentence is making me CRAZY!) ;)

How cute is this MINI 16 patch??  The squares are 1" :)

This quilt came together in a SNAP!!

I have a serious crush on these little flying geese ;)

I whipped this bad boy up in no time and gave it to a fiend for her birthday :)

My friend has two little kids, and isn't "Flying Around in Circles" exactly how life is with babies running/crawling around?

I have to add one more thing :)  Konda is a FANTASTIC pattern writer.  Her instructions are SO clear and easy to follow.  A++++++++++++

So it's time for you to show me how you Fly Around in Circles ;D


the gathering girls said...

thats a sweet mini quilt. Would love to make some for my friends for Christmas!!

Hilachas said...

Cool. I'm off to make my next mini quilt. Yours is fabulous.

grendelskin said...

Neat! I love yours, and I now have A Plan for mine!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ladies! I can't wait to see you make :)

Unknown said...

Lovely mini quilt.