Monday, June 24, 2013

Sometimes Things Work, and ...

... sometimes they just don't go as planned.
A friend of mine picked up a quilt top at a thrift store that was a churn dash made from crazy, old fabrics - maybe 60s or 70s. It wasn't put together well so she took it apart, trimmed each of the units and reassembled the quilt. It was one of those quilts that was so crazy that it was fun. We all envied her new/old quilt.
Fast forward a couple weeks, and she decided to make a similar quilt for a friend. She asked us to make blocks. She told us they had to be crazy. She wanted to imitate her thrift store quilt.
I think my block meets that qualification.
It wasn't quite what I intended. The two fabrics matched a little too well. I should have gone with my first choice that had more contrast, but these matched so well.
I'm still going to give her this one. It is crazy. That's what she asked for. AND in antique quilts, there is often a couple blocks with low contrast. It may be because some of the fabrics faded differently, but I think it adds to the charm of the quilt.

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