Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morse Code Meanings

It was brought to my attention by Terri who is a Navy wife that in my haste to decifer my morse code, I translated it wrong.  It should be N A K N A!  Thanks Terri - for correcting me and your husband's service!  She also said that Nakna means naked in Swedish.  Hmmm. 

I really enjoyed reading what some of you came up with for the meaning of my Morse Code Quilt.  I thought I would list them here.  These are all for NAKAN. 

Not All Kangaroos Are Nerds
Need Additional Kona Ash Now!!
Not Around Kids And Nana
Need Another Kiss And Neckrub :)
Never Applique Krazy At Night
Nice Applique Knots  Appear Natural
Never ask Kindergarteners about NaptimeNeed A Kool Applique Needle
Nude aardvarks keep a nest
Need a Kiss and Nudge
Not All Kangaroos Are Nice
Nobodys Answers Keep me Awake at
Not A Knot Anyone Needs

Nice As Konda At Noon
Nice Animals Kayak All Night!
nothing anyone kan't accomplish now
Nana asked, Konda answered Nana.

Never attempt kick-boxing at night
Noah's Ark Keeps Animals Near.

Sorry if I missed one.  Thanks for sharing your cleverness.  It made me smile all day!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Mary who was the official tester for my block!  She has a blog post about it HERE.  Thanks Mary! 

Happy blog tour everyone!


Rebecca said...

now i need to dig out my old scout manual and do some moras code for hubby?
Is this where you leave the commets?

Mary said...

I wasn't the only one who tested it. I think there were 5 Testers in my group. Thanks for the link.

Karen Jobe Heck said...

Wonderful books!