Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Old Fashioned Quilting Bee

Today I went to an old fashioned quilting bee.  We quilted the quilt for one of our church leader's with cancer that my boat block was for.  These pictures are from Marion, who spearheaded the project.  Thanks Marion!  It was sho nice to not be in charge.  Marion did a great job coordinating everything and putting the quilt together!

Here's the quilt laid out as we admired the blocks.

And a picture of the quilt on the frames.  I much prefer the straight pins I use every day to load a quilt on my quilt machine to the thumb tacks we used today.  I have helped get a quilt ready to be hand quilted, but it has been a while.  My thumbs were sore.

And this is what a quilt bee looks like!  I helped quilt one row on the side before I had to leave.  This picture was taken near the end.  They got the twin size quilt done in one day.

I love this picture that Marion took of the back with the stitches in it.  We used big stitches, chenille needles and size 8 perle cotton.  This is the first time I have done utility quilting.  I liked it.  I want to try it on a quilt that I have spray basted so I don't have to have it on a frame.  Do you think that will work?  I know what quilt I want to do it on, but I haven't made it yet, so it may be a while before it gets done.

We are giving the quilt to him on Sunday.  I really enjoyed quilting with these ladies, some who I knew and some who I didn't.  When we started stitching, one of the ladies said, "Okay, now we are going to go around and everyone tell something about themselves."  Groan!  But it started us talking and getting to know each other better which was great.  And we got to tell funny stories about our friends who were there!  AND two of the ladies have 30 year old children who are single - one who is a girl who is 6 feet tall (I even think she said 6' 2") and the other who is a boy who is 6 feet three inches.  So there may be match making involved.  How's that for an old fashioned quilting bee!

Okay- I have to tell you two stories about my friend who shall remain unnamed.  It is her daughter who is 6 feet tall. 

Story One -- One day another friend and I were riding our bikes in the country when we came upon our friend stuck up an apple tree!  She was picking apples in a loan apple tree along the side of the road on a relative's property when a big cow came over and stood there and wouldn't let her down.  She was with another lady.  I forgot to ask her how she got down.  I am a terrible story teller.

Story Two -- My friend's uncle died in the middle of nowhere, Nevada.  Evidently there were not many relatives.  She went down there with her husband and son.  Her husband has a bad back, and the son had just injured himself as well.  My friend dug the grave!  Six feet deep!  And filled in the grave after her uncle was placed in it!  She said after she had it mostly done, someone came with a small bobcat thing.  Her youngest is just graduating from high school this year.  I can't imagine her digging that grave!

And that is a taste of my morning.  Love it!


Lesley said...

Beautiful quilt! I go to a quilt bee once a week but we haven't done the 'story' thing....great idea...sounds like you had a wonderful time and that quilt sure went quickly!

Teresa said...

I am a fan of big stitch quilting and love to work with the #8 perle cotton. What fun it must have been to be a part of a quilting bee.

trillium said...

What quilting frame did you use? You can email me if you don't want to tell publicly. I'm asking because in the future I need to buy one (for hand quilting) as I will never be able to afford a home quilting machine.

trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

Ginny said...

I love your stories and I think the quilt is fabulous! I am smiling ear-to-ear from reading your post!
I just sent off a lap quilt to my SIL who's sick that I made from blocks I won in Block Lotto. She called me last night (she probably just received it) but I missed her call---I am looking forward to talking to her today about the "surprise" I sent.
There's nothing like making a quilt for someone you love, right?

Gingersnaps Quilts said...

That is a beautiful quilt!

elizabeth said...

Lovely quilt.
I spray baste and big stitch quilts without a hoop, and really enjoy it : )

Dayna at Precut Paradise said...

That looks like so much fun!