Monday, May 14, 2012


Saturday, I headed up to the Home Machine Quilting Show, HMQS, with a friend of mine.  We both volunteered at the show for a couple hours.  I love to do this because I commit myself to looking at quilts for 2 hours while making sure no one touches them. 

It was a good show.  They had a lot more quilts this year.  The theme was Star Spangled and the charity was Quilts of Valor.  I didn't get too many pictures, but here are a few.

Besides the amazing quilting, I liked this quilt because this was made with inherited dresden plate blocks.

One of the challenge categories was quilts that were donated to Quilts of Valor.  That is the category that my quilt went to.  This was my favorite from that category.

And this one . . .

And this one. . .  This one was given to my friend's husband who is a Vietnam Vet.  She and her husband were both very appreciative.

From the rest of the show, this was an Aunt Millie's Garden quilt unlike any other.  Birds and lizards in gorgeous colors were appliqued onto the borders and in the middle.  The lady said that she was the "Queen Mother Beast" that was one of the two lizards in the center of the quilt with sparkly toes!

This one was made with the ties of a missionary.  That's a lot of ties!  It seemed like there were only 2 wedges from each tie as far as I could tell.

There were a few vendors there who are headed to Quilt Market and/or MQX this week.  I don't envy that at all.  While I am looking forward to Market, it is a lot of work and a lot of long days!


Lesley said...

Beautiful quilts...thanks for sharing!

╰☆╮ Barb ╰☆╮ said...

I was at HMQS through Friday, but mainly took classes and didn't get to see many of the wonderful quilts. Thanks for sharing your photos!