Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmas Sewing Part I

One of my sewing projects for Christmas was pajama pants. Usually I buy my kids pajamas at Target on Black Friday. This year for some reason I decided to make them.
For the girls, I bought a bolt of Kate Spain's purple dragonflies from Good Fortune.

My son got rockets that I had - Rocket Scientist by Keri Beyer.
It took two days to sew them at a sewing weekend with some friends. It was a retreat where we went home at night. That's the kind of retreat I can go on right now! It's also perfect for finishing Christmas sewing projects!
I was excited to see how the kids liked the pajamas.
First thing I heard, from my son, was, "My pajamas match my curtains!" The fabric was indeed the same fabric that I had made his curtains from. He wasn't impressed.
My oldest daughter's didn't fit. I tried to adjust the pattern so she could wear them lower on her hips than the pattern called for. It didn't work. I adjusted them too low.
My second daughter's fit perfectly, but she wanted them longer. She, however, is about the size of her brother, and likes her brothers pajamas. I am sure she will take them from him before too long.
The other three girls' pajamas fit great, and they loved them! I think I may try again next year. Then if it turns out like this year, I will go back to getting them from Target.


Unknown said...

SO CUTE!!! I thought you were always supposed to match your jammies to your curtains... so if robbers come, you can hide in your curtains ;)

Unknown said...

That is so funny! I could see that happening to me. I think I might give up after ONE year!

Jean said...

That's why I stick to quilts. The do not have to fit.

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Don't tell my Grandson, he would be awful upset that his did'nt match his Birthday quilt!
Too funny!

Ps.... Glad to see you back :-)

April M. said...

Just show him the Sound of least you didn't make his PJ's from the curtains :) Soo cute!