Friday, September 6, 2013

Family Heirlooms

Two quilts, family heirlooms, recently came into my possession. For some reason, I have mixed feelings about inheriting them.
My father and his siblings were going through their father's affects. My dad brought me these quilts. The first quilt was one I made my grandpa for his 90th birthday. All of the aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins' families made quilt squares. I sewed them together into a quilt and quilted it. This quilt is big!
I quilted it with trains. My grandpa liked trains.

I am sure my aunts wanted this quilt. They gave it to me because I made it. Someone has to end up with it. I guess it may as well be me. I feel unworthy to have it. For some reason, I don't know what to think.
The next quilt was made by my great-grandmother. I felt guilty taking this one until I found out that there were quite a few and my aunts and uncles got quilts too. This is a smaller, throw size quilt.

Isn't it fabulous! My dad says he remembers her sewing up scraps on a treadle machine. Don't you love this animal print! My dad and I guessed it was a women's coat. The fabrics are all heavy - wool and heavy poly. It is hand quilted.

This is actually the second quilt of my great grandmother's that I own. The other is even more fabulous except it is in terrible condition. This is truely a treasure!
Of course, it isn't labeled. I need to do that. This grandmother lived to be over 100. We never lived very close, so I only saw her occasionally. Even at the end, she always knew I was "David's oldest." We always called her "Little Grandma." She wasn't even five feet tall, at least when we knew her. When we went to her house when we were younger, she would pull out a tv tray and little wind up toys. We loved to wind up all the different little toys and watch them hop across the tray.
Have any family heirlooms come into your possession? What have you done to honor the trust without feeling guilty?


Sara said...

As an only child I ended up with ALL of the family heirlooms. But one that is special is a tall narrow chest of drawers built by my grandfather. It now sits in my oldest granddaughters room to hold her clothes. He would be thrilled to see it pass to the 5th generation.

Quiltin Jenny said...

Oh my! I just had this same conversation because I got back a quilt I made for my grandmother that my cousin really wanted. I'm still unsure about sending it to her.

You should definitely not feel guilty since you made it! If you don't love love love having it around your house, you could let the various aunts and uncles take turns with it so that they could each take pictures and show their friends.

As for the other quilt made by your grandma, what a treasure! The quilts should be given to those who will appreciate them, and you qualify.

Anonymous said...

the fact that all the aunts and uncles got a quilt your grandma made means they are satisfied. You probably got the 90th quilt because how would they divide it among themselves.... it was easy to give to you... you will keep it well and may even take it to a special family event from time to time and share with them the siggies, etc. No guilt needed....