Monday, June 7, 2010

Block Eight with the Green Fairy

Oh yes, that's right, the Green Fairy!  First the Posse Boss, then the Green Fairy.  You just never know who is going to show up designing these quilt blocks. 

The Green Fairy is sometimes known as Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts.  She is also a Utah quilt designer.  Judi and I have done a few of the same shows.  Judi is also a long arm quilter like I am.  Except she does a lot more custom work than I do.  Take a close look at her quilts.  She does a really good job!

Now from Judi!

Hi! I am Judi aka the Green Fairy of Green Fairy Quilts. I started to piece quilts about 6 years ago and quickly grew to love it! I loved putting quilts together, but I had the most fun drawing up my designs and making my own quilts. With the encouragement from my husband, mom and friends I started to write up my designs and built a website. It wasn't until a couple years ago that my husband and I made my hobby our full time business and we work together from home. I have over 40 patterns and we have the best prices on all the Moda precuts  out there. You can check them out at our website

I also started to long-arm quilt, we bought an A-1 quilting machine almost two years ago and I have had fun showing off my work on my own quilts and on my customer quilts on my blog..

Thanks so much for letting me participate in this Jelly Roll Quilt along - I hope you enjoy my block!

Thanks Judi! 

AND here are some pictures of this fun block.  First Judi's block:

Doesn't that orange just make that block sing!

AND here are my blocks!  Yeah! First with Mary Englebreit:  With this one I used my background fabric (the white) in the small squares in the center.

Second, with swanky:  With this one I used my background fabric (the pink) as the border.

REMINDER: You have two weeks to make these blocks. There will be a drawing tomorrow for BLOCK SEVEN. Of course, any block that is posted before mine (I will post mine late tonight) on flickr gets entered in the drawing. So if you are behind, NOW is a great time to catch up! With these blocks, it's just as easy to make two as it is to make one!

AND -- some incentive --

Judi has donated an Arcadia honey bun as one of the prizes, and I have another jelly roll up for grabs for anyone who posts their blocks before late tonight!

Happy quilting!


Gene Black said...

I think with this one I will step outside my jelly roll and use some leftover honey bun strips since many of these are 1 1/2 strips.
I think the Neptune will play nicely with the Simple Abundance.

Kaye said...

Judi, Love your block and the instructions were so easy to follow. I am really looking forward to each new block

CathyC said...

I loved this block!
I think this one is my fave!
When I first started this quilt along, I was wondering if I would ever catch up, now I can't wait for the next one ;-)

Anne D said...

Great block. Thanks for the background fabric options. I am going to use the background as a border. Great quiltalong!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic block and i love the oranges and blues... Great combination for spring (which we are looking forward to in the southern hemisphere!)