Thursday, August 12, 2010

Play Time

This morning as soon as I came in from my morning constitutional, (I don't know what that means either.  I was on a bike ride.) the baby was playing with her daddy, so I ran straight downstairs and finished my quilt!  I had dreams of this becoming a UFO, and I didn't want that to happen.  Baby did help me quilt it.  Sorry for the quality of the photo:

I LOVE IT!  This is MY couch quilt!  The fabrics are Nicey Jane, Hunky Dory, Modern Meadow, and one other that I just grabbed.  I have been wanting to play with Nicey Jane and Hunky Dory for a while now.  So nice that they played together so well!  The background is a white Moda Bella Solid. I love the binding.  I didn't have enough of the pink so I put in some of the leftovers from the quilt.  I put bamboo batting in it.  I have used bamboo before, but not on a quilt that I have actually used.  So this is my test quilt to see if I like bamboo batting.

WARNING:  Scritch Scratch Ahead
A couple of you asked how I did it.  Well, I don't have time to make up a real pattern so the instructions that I am giving are not for a beginner--unless you like puzzles.  Sorry. 

Fabric Requirements:
12 jelly roll strips or 12 -- 1/8 yards cut into 12 -- 2 1/2" strips
1/4 yard for first border (4 strips at 2")
1 yard for the second border (5 strips at 5" -- there is enough extra to get one 2 1/2" strip if you want.)
1 yard background fabric

Background is cut as follows:
9 -- 2 1/2" strips from which you need:
  • 40 of A -- 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
  • 16 of B -- 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
  • 8 of C -- 2 1/2" x 6 1/2"
  • 8 of D -- 2 1/2" x 8 1/2"
2 -- 4 1/2" strips from which you need:
  • 5 of E -- 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
  • 4 of F -- 4 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Okay -- so I scanned my scritch scratch.  Basically, its the EQ Diagram printed out with my instructions on it.  HERE is the link to that page.  All you need is where the letters are for placement.  (Oh, if you have a question if that is a B or a C, it's a B.  I had to change after I started.  Some of the Cs got changed to Bs and some of the Bs got split into 2 As.) 

Now aren't you grateful for real patterns?!?

Oops!  You need one more set of cutting instructions:
Divide your jelly rolls into three groups of four.  I called my sets outer, inner and middle.  Inner and outer don't work though. The middle set doesn't go all the way across. 

From those four "middle" strips you need:
2 -- 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and
2 -- 2 1/2" x 8 1/2"

With the other strips, notice that one set has one strip that goes all the way across the block and the other doesn't.  So one set of four has the 12 1/2" strip and the other doesn't.

From the four "outer" strips (the ones WITH the 12 1/2" strip) you need:
2 -- 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
2 -- 2 1/2" x 8 1/2" and
1 -- 2 1/2" x 12 1/2"

From the four "inner" strips (the ones WITHOUT the 12 1/2" strip) you need:
3 -- 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and
3 -- 2 1/2" x 8 1/2"

There you have it!  Start at the middle or one of the corners.  I started at the middle.  It's a 12" block (12 1/2" unfinished) just like Block 11. 

 -- The quilt turned out about 48" square.

For those of you that have read this far, or skimmed down, I have a question.
I have decided to finish the binding by hand.  I have noticed that it isn't as sturdy as by machine.  Any tips for me when I finish a binding by hand.  My problem is that after use, the threads break and the binding starts coming off.  I use a single thread, but I am thinking about using a double thread.  I don't use any special type of thread.  Should I be using a sturdier thread?

Thanks in advance!  And thanks again to Jewel for a fun play time!


~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, thanks for the tutorial! I've bookmarked :)

As for binding, I'm able to get it done w/single thread. I poke thru quilt back about 1/4" (just under where binding will cover it), then rock needle up into fold of binding, coming out of binding after 1/4". Then I start again in backing right under where I came out. Depending on the fabric & thread, I can do 2-3 of these stitches, then pull everything taut. I haven't noticed a problem with the binding yet, and I've used & abused one of my quilts for at least a year now (the cat keeps barfing on it, so it's getting washed every couple of weeks).

NancyinSTL said...

I've never had that problem with a binding. I suggest that you follow the tutorial at this link--->

Shelley said...

I enjoyed Heather Mulder Peterson's tips on binding at
and now always use hand quilting thread for the binding.

Barb said...

Thank you SO much for the directions--I LOVE this quilt! I will have to get it in my head and try it! Thanks again!

For bindings I do prefer machine stitching, but I have also used quilting thread for hand bindings and that seems to be stronger....

Brooke said...

Love your quilt - I too have enjoyed playing with Nicey Jane and have some Hunky Dory to play with too. Enjoy the rest of summer!

Danielle said...

Oh my! I really, really like that quilt! It is beautiful! I am going to have to figure that one out! Thanks for sharing it!

Jewel said...

I love it... I guess I should use my own design and make on too!

Staci said...

You are a wonder! Thanks so much for the instructions! Yours turned out so CUTE!! You must be so excited about it.
And I have to say to myself, DUH, jelly roll strips! How, after making this jelly roll sampler quilt, did jelly roll strips never occur to me?

I've never had a problem with binding coming off, so far, and I always hand sew it on the back. I use a single strand of sturdy thread, take small stitches and make a small knot every 6 to 8 inches, just in case the thread does break, there would be a small section to mend and not the whole side. I'm also careful not to pull the thread too tight, because stretched thread is more likely to break. Oh, and I use fairly short pieces of thread, so the thread doesn't get a lot of 'wear' from going in and out of the fabric. Don't know if this helps at all.

Teresa said...

Your quilt look wonderful.

I machine stitch to the front using machine quilting thread.

I hand stitch (or I call it hemming) with a single thread of Coats & Clark Hand Quilting thread in a color to match the binding. I have never had my bindings come loose. My stitches are usually just a little under 1/4" apart.

When I am doing the hand stitching, I put a knot in the thread about every 8 inches or so, just so if it were to come out, only a small portion would come unraveled.

Katie said...

This is beautiful and truly unique!!! Thanks Bunches!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Wow, that is super. Thanks for the directions I have bookmarked this page.

GeeGee said...

Oh I love your quilt and you made it so quickly! Many thanks for posting the instructions!
For my binding I sew the top side by machine with all purpose cotton covered polyester thread.(Coats & Clarks)
Then I hand-stitch the back side with a single strand of hand quilting cotton covered polyester thread (Coats & Clark) and blind-stitch about every 1/8 of an inch.
I have used this for many, many years and it holds with constant washings. This hand quilting thread is so strong that you cannot break it by hand. (I also use this, double stranded when making yo-yos, pull as tight as you want and it will not break.)
It is 65%poly and 35% cotton. It is getting hard to find, they are going to 100% poly which I do not like.

Jay said...

A great quilt Konda, and how creative of you to think of putting that together from that one block... Once you pointed it out the design looks so obvious, but it took you to help me see it!
I just finished my jelly roll sampler and love it... Thank you so much for this quilt-along! Please tell me you have something else lined up soon!

Nancy Page said...

Great quilt! Looks like a lot of fun. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing.

Have a super great sewing and quilting day!

Marianne said...

Never had a problem with binding. I use a 2 inch strip attached with usual 1/4 inch seam. I sew it down with same thread I sew with, color matching the binding fabric, single not doubled! I take a stitch every 1/4 inch or so using small stitches so you cannot see the stitches. I suspect that is your problem, you are spacing your stitches too far apart? Hope this helps.

smileynann said...
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smileynann said...

I love this quilt!! I have visions of a couch quilt like it in my future... :)

My family taught me about quilting, and when I say quilting, we do everything except piecing by hand (although I did piece my first baby quilt by hand -- and won't recommend it). When I hand-bind my quilts, I've NEVER had a problem. I always use a 2 1/2" strip, folded in half, and use the edge of my presser foot (I think it's 3/8"). Then, when I slip stitch the back I like to use 2 strands, and usually use Gutermann thread, but I think the key for keeping your quilt (and binding) longer is really just hand-washing it. It takes a lot of work if it's bigger, but the binding lasts longer and the colors stay way better if you do that. There are some great soaps just for quilts, too, that will help with color vibrance. One is ORVIS soap, which I think you can find at ranch supply stores (like CAL Ranch or IFA or Murdock's), and there's one you can find at quilting stores, too.

Bec Clarke said...

that is a lovely quilt and I am going to have to make one but I have a question.
do you have a rough finished size measurement, I can't seem to find one anywhere, I have probably missed it but do you mind telling me
Thanks again for a great tutorial

Danielle said...

I have made six of the 9 blocks so far! So exciting! I did find one little error. It really isn't a big deal but on block 6 (middle row, right column)on the EQ Diagram you have the 12 1/2 inch strip on the left and it should be on the right. I think if that is fixed then the whole under over process would be fixed on that block as well. Thanks so much for the instructions! I am using only 3 fabrics for the jelly roll strips and think it is turning out well. I'm having so much fun I'm going to do another with 12 colors!

Danielle said...

I finished mine and thought you'd like to see it :-)