Monday, August 2, 2010

Sewn Spaces Giveaway

Okay, so I should keep this quiet, but I am a quilter and quilter's are nice people.  I have recently fallen in love with Joel Dewberry's fabric.  I made this quilt:

out of Deer Valley.  It is in my newest book, Simply Charming Kids, that I was just reminded isn't available for purchase on my website yet!  I will have to fix that.  Until then, ask for it at your local quilt shop.  I would love to send them a few. 

I have also made a quilt out of Modern Meadow that I can't show yet. 

Anyway, I have noticed that Joel and his wife Laurie have been very generous with their new book Sewn Spaces.  

I have seen several copies being given away on different blogs.  We all have another chance to win a copy of this book right from Laurie. 

They will be picking a winner next Monday.  This is one book that is on my Christmas list.  If any of you have it, I would love to hear how you like it.


Needled Mom said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Gene Black said...

Yes thanks for letting us know!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

I love the red in that quilt!