Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Christmas Gifts

So none of these are from me, but I found a few folks spreading Chrismas Cheer online and thought some of you might be interested.

First, this Christmas Card is from one of my favorite fabric designers, Amy Schimler.  The link is:  The picture shown here is the front part of her card.  Go to her blog for one that is printable -- for personal use only.

Second, I just saw a free app that sounded very useful.  It's for calculating borders, backing, binding, setting triangles, etc.  I don't have a phone capable of using apps yet, but if I did, I would get this app.  Don't click on the picture below for the app like it says.  Go to the blog post over at Robert Kaufman.  The link is here:

And third, here is a link to four (I think more will be added) free quilting patterns:
FYI, I have downloaded these patterns, but I have not tried them.  I have a Statler.  I don't know how well they run. 

Okay, okay, fourth --  here's a preview. . . 
it is from me.  It is a Moda Bake Shop project that is scheduled to post next Friday, Dec 10th!  It's made with Kansas Troubles Wrapped in Paisley.  Yummy!

We are getting ready to get a Christmas Tree.  The kids are going stir crazy waiting for their dad to get home.  Wish us luck!


LesQuilts said...

Thanks for the great leads!
Have fun with the Christmas tree!
One of my sons' best memories is walking thru the woods with their dad, on the search for the perfect tree, running up ahead, hiding behind a tree and then hitting the branches to dump snow on the unsuspecting walker! I think they each took turns getting the other and had a ball!
Have fun, take care, Leslie

Jan Hatchett said...

The quilt that you showed a hint of looks gorgeous! The colors seem so warm and comfy. Can't wait to see it unveiled soon.

Hope you and the kiddos have fun finding the right tree.

Michele said...

Thanks for all of that great info. I just got a phone that can run apps so I'll be sure to try it! I enjoy my snowglobe app. You can put a picture of what or whoever you want in a "snowglobe". Silly, but fun. We have to take any kind of snow fun we can get here in Florida!