Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Day that Disappeared

Some days it seems like I am so productive and other days seem to just disappear.  Today was one of those days that disappeared.  Did your day disappear or was it just mine?

What was I doing?  All I did was send in my proposal to teach at our Utah Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Festival.

So what took so long???

1)  Taking pictures of two quilts (four actually, but two were for the proposal).

2)  Editing the pictures.  Take out the background, make sure everything looks good, all that "fun" fiddly stuff.

3)  Filling out the paperwork -- sizes, supply list, and my un-favorite, coming up with a 2-3 sentence blurb that makes my class sound so fun.

4)  Holding a sick baby in between this and that.  (It isn't serious, just makes her need to be held constantly.)

5)  Changing my mind and submitting 3 proposals instead of one to increase the odds of teaching.

6)  Picking up the pictures I had printed. I love being able to send them via email to be printed.

7)  Getting the kids home from school.

8) Rushing to the post office before it closed so the letter was postmarked today because they don't take online submissions yet.  I try not to be so last minute, but sometimes it happens.

9)  All that done.  Yea!  Now then on to running kids hither and yon, supper, and laundry.

I guess that makes it sound like a lot, but it sure seemed like a whole lot of nothing!


Impera Magna said...

Doesn't just SOUND like you did a lot... you DID do a lot! Hope your little one is feeling better...

Anonymous said...

out to lunch with a group of friends and getting ready to leave for it while tidying the laundry room and foyer in am. Got some hand work done on the name that tune square to add extra beds for more pattern visibility in the waves around the boat.
Mom called, her freezer died,can I make room to salvage about 40 pounds of fruit, and take my easter turkey home and cook it early, will have to get a fresh one nearer to easter instead!
Took the truck instead of my van to get the dressers my pal needed moved out halfway to the ferries from Victoria, picking the fruit and turkey up by a 20 min detour. Park truck with headlights off, flashers on at shoulder of major hiway, It wouldn't start after unloading the dressers. Finally arrived home at 10:20 pm and had to sit up most of the night to finish the extra embellishment to really make the block "PoP" for the show at the end of the month so I can hand it in at tonights meeting.

Becky J. said...

hope you get picked! might have to actually take a class this year.

raebethriv said...

I've always said, the world must be spinning faster because time is flying buy at record speed! All the days disappear too fast!
Thank you for all you share with us!