Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Progress on the Brown Quilt

With my brown Kona cotton fat quarter bundle, I decided to make the quilt on the cover of this magazine:

I have been thinking about making a hexagon quilt for a while now.  These hexagons are large which makes it seem "do"able.  I also like how they are pieced differently than other hexagon quilts.  I decided to make it larger by making one more round of hexagons.  Then the center would be on the lighter side, the next row would be a little darker etc. 

First, I split the fat quarters up into two piles, light and dark.  That didn't seem to have enough contrast within the piles so I swapped a few of the fat quarters. 

In the directions, strips are cut at random widths and are cut at angles.  While I like the randomness, I decided to make strip sets so the process would go faster.

I cut strips at 1.5," 2," and 2.5."  Each strip set had 2 of the skinniest strip and one of each of the others.  Then the strip sets had too much left on the sides for my liking so I sewed the strip sets together to make one long strip set as you can see a little in the next two pictures. 

What ended up working well is to cut the two sides of the template as shown.

Then when I turned the template, it matched right up to cut the next shape. 

After I had all the templates cut that much, I went back and cut the top two sides.

That's all for now.  More to come.  I am not loving it right now, but that happens sometimes.

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Michele said...

Looks like that is going to be a fun quilt!