Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Did They HAVE to Ask???

 Last night I got an official request for a head shot.  What a nightmare!  I do have an official head shot that I had my sister-in-law take.  She's a professional photographer.  The picture is great, but I was so nervous that I look nervous, and I can't stand much to look at it.  So I had to give it another try.  Thought you might enjoy a few outtakes, so I can laugh at myself instead of cringe.  

My 12 year old daughter took the pictures.  It's easier to smile at my kids than to smile at a photographer.  Here's some pictures that got tossed out.  I had fun playing with the coloring of the pictures -- pretending they were better than they are.

This was from the first location.  I was trying the goofy face then smile hoping to get a more natural smile.  The metal flower was a cool fountain that doesn't have water.  It looked cool, but I thought it looked too much like an odd hat.

Then the second location. . . .  Love the lens flare.  Can you guess what my favorite statue is?

Actually it's not "The Thinker."  I was kidding.  It's the statue of Albert Einstein at the National Science Museum in Washington DC.  I love how it's so casual, and I'm a nerd at heart.

After two failed attempts, I headed up the canyon that I live at the base of.  That's my default location.  There's always something worth taking a picture of up the canyon.

And we found some friends as soon as we stopped.  The last location was not far from these deer.  We didn't get any closer, and they decided to hang around for a while before they wandered off.

Can't I just use this one or do I have to actually look at the camera?

After hundreds of pictures, half of them blurry and the other half with my eyes closed, I finally got one that was acceptable.  I sent that in.  Whew!  Hope I don't have to do that again for a while!


The Wheelers said...

ha ha! love it! i wanted to see the one you sent it too....

Scraps R Us said...

I think I met you last week at that cute fabric store Gracie Lou's I think that is what it is called. Donna J. is my sister. I check out your blog all the time.I love it. Small world.

KaHolly said...

So, where is it??? Enjoyed your post this morning! Always great to start the day with a smile.

Kim and Jim said...

Wait... what's wrong with the first one? I look like that in all my pictures, usually because one of my kids has their finger up my nose, or is pulling my hair out or something. :)

Seriously, though- that one of you up the canyon is really cool!