Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quilt Uberfest

 What is Quilt Uberfest?!? 

It's a block of the day quilt festival from October 1-16!  It's a quilting Oktoberfest, a block of the month quilt along on steroids! 

Nothing like being part of a quilt along while running a quilt along!  I was excited to be asked to be part of an event that sounded like crazy fun!

Here's the line up:
Oct 1 John Adams
Oct 2 Kaye Prince
Oct 3 Karen Linton
Oct 4 Konda Luckau
Oct 5 Amy Lobsiger
Oct 6 Ryan Walsh
Oct 7 Scott Hansen
Oct 8 April Rosenthal
Oct 9 Cara Wilson
Oct 10 Amanda Jennings
Oct 11 Susan Sobon
Oct 12 Jan Peoples
Oct 13 Erin Singleton
Oct 14 Charlie Scott
Oct 15 Emily Cier
Oct 16 Rachel Locke

AND here's the link for more information:  http://bluenickelstudios.com/?p=3183

Feeling crazy???  Come join the Quilt UBER-fest!

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