Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Small Treat Bags

Last year these adorable little bags were all the rage:

I saw them everywhere.  I heard how quick they were.  You can make four with 2 fat quarters.  I wanted to make them.  I intended to make them.  I never made them.

Until a few weeks ago -- desperation struck!

You know, sometimes it's inspiration that strikes, and sometimes it's desperation.  Anyway, my oldest daughter had a birthday party to go to -- in 15 minutes!  We had discussed this a couple days before.  The girl said that she didn't want one of the animal pillows that you've seen that my daughter has enjoyed giving to her friends.  So we were going to give her candy.  (The girl loves candy.)  Then I couldn't figure out how to make candy look like a nice gift. . . .

The small treat bag!!!

My daughter quickly picked two fabrics, and I started cutting.  Then she couldn't find ribbon to match.  Wait -- we have rick rack!  Sewing, sewing, sewing. . . .  I got the bag done.  (I forgot to box the corners of the lining.  Oops!)  The candy loked much cuter!

I don't actually have a picture of that bag, but you can't make just one.  Here are the others I made.  The one for the friend was the black and white and red with the fabrics reversed.

It took me about an hour to make all 5 bags.  I even pressed them.  They are that fast!  My two littlest girls got two of the bags to play with, and the other two are being saved for another gift emergency!

This story has a P.S.  When my daughter came home from the party, she said that the girl liked her present, but the girl's mother wanted to know where her pillow was, and my daughter needed to make her daughter a pillow! 

Oh my!  Maybe for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I made those bags for my friend's daughter's Brownie meeting. They all loved them. They are fast and fun...and really cute!!!

Unknown said...

I made several of those last year for Halloween for neices and nephews. They were a hit.

Nicky said...

That's funny - maybe it was the mum that wanted the pillow really!

Nedra said...

I taught a free make it and take it class with Halloween themed fabric little bags last year. It was a hit!