Monday, July 1, 2013

Challenge Quilts

This is a follow up to my Quilting Peer Pressure post. These are the other quilts in the Challenge Quilt category at our local quilt show.
Here is my quilt, on the left, and another one.

This is made by a fairly new quilter. It's paper pieced. She has had it done for a while. As she was working on it, I thought for sure it would win the viewer's choice award.


This one was made by a young girl. I forget how old, 13 or 15.

This one was made by Marion. It got the Emily Herrick Award.  We took advantage of having a local fabric designer. She came down and picked a quilt to give an additional award to.
This quilt won viewer's choice award. It was made by a friend of mine. She had a neighbor draw out some designs on her cricket. She turned those into applique pieces and needleturned them.

I love this category in the quilt show!


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