Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wonky Autumn Leaves in the Fat Quarterly

One of my patterns came out in Issue 6 of the Fat Quarterly this week -- Wonky Autumn Leaves!

Here's the link:

This quilt was an experiment with wonky.  I took a traditional leaf pattern and made it wonky on every level.  This issue was all about using different fabrics, so I used, well, different fabrics.  The fabrics are all solids to let the texture add the variety.  The brown background is a linen blend.  There's Kona solids, Moda solids and cross weaves, shot cotton, linen, linen blends, and corduroy.

Here's the back.  The color at the top was one I didn't end up liking with the rest.  I used it just enough, but had plenty left over.  The three blocks were test blocks.

Here's the first block I made.  The orange frame was too big, and I worried about the squares not being wonky.

This is the second block.  I think the middle frame a lot better here.  I'm still worried about the leaf squares.  Also, the outside of the middle border is still straight which also worried me.

This one took more work because everything is wonky.  That's the beauty of it!  This one didn't get used because I ended up trimming the block a hair larger than this block.  That's all that got changed.

The quilting pattern is one I digitized that I call Modern Argyle.  I bound it in the green corduroy.  I like it, but it wasn't very fun to do.  I wouldn't recommend it.  Except if you insist on trying it, take a smaller seam allowance to give all the extra bulk room to come around.  Yes, that's what I did wrong that made it not very fun.  Live and learn!


Cille said...

I am so not ready for autum yet *LOL* but its a beautiful quilt :)

Paula said...

I like your autumn leave quilt. I am starting a pieced leaf quilt as well, hope mine turns out as good as yours.

Would you like to join me in a Christmas fabric swap, if so, all the details are here, Paula's Crafty Boutique.

Happy quilting

Cathy said...

I am such an autumn person. Born in October. I love this quilt. It sings to me. Hugs

Barbara McD said...

It's so funny hearing you (reading you) say you were worried because a seam was straight! For me, it's usually the other way around!

Amber said...

I must say this is a favorite! I love the wonky-ness of it all and the fabric colors are absolutely stunning!!