Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quilts of Valor

Before the crack of dawn, I was heading an hour north with 7 other ladies to deliver some Quilts of Valor.

Here's the link to the website to find out more information about the organization:

Quilts of Valor is a national organization.  A few of us here in Utah have been working with the organization for many years.  We have finally been able to get the ball rolling and a lot of quilter's in the area have made quilts.  Because of this, we really wanted to distribute the quilts locally.  Another quilter, Brandy, knows a lot of these soldiers and was able to make this delivery possible.  We went to a Army National Guard Unit that returned a couple months ago from being deployed in Afghanistan.  Those who we gave quilts to today are getting or have received purple hearts.  We were suppose to deliver 25 quilts.  Somehow we had 31 quilts.  Of course, they all got delivered.

Here are the ladies getting ready to hand out QOVs.  Diane Jaeger, the Utah Quilt of Valor rep is telling the soldiers about the organization and that we made these quilts by hand just for them.  I am not in the group.  I am taking pictures.

Here's Brandy handing out the first quilt.

This is Francine who is the President of our Utah Valley Quilt Guild.

 Here's Brandy with a quilt that I quilted.  A friend of mine, Suzanne, made it.

Diane was showing this soldier this quilt that she quilted for him.

 And here are all the soldiers we gave quilts to.

This unit now has around 90 soldiers in it.  While we were there,  Brandy and Diane promised these soldiers that all of them would get a quilt!

HERE's a local news article about this unit.

Brandy and I, and a few other quilters around here, quilt these quilts for free.  This call for quilts is mostly for local folks, but we won't turn down a quilt if you aren't local and want to help.  For more information call Brandy 801-794-3428 or email me at

It was a great way to start the day -- even if I did have to wake up before the sun!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

This is so wonderful. It rally motivates me to try and arrange something like this for our aussie soldiers!

Rachel said...

SO awesome!!

WoolenSails said...

That is so wonderful and beautiful americana quilts for them.


Carolyn said...

I am so proud to be a quilter. You go girls!!!! I have done a lot of
blocks for Quilts of Valor.

Carol said...

Wonderful. We are a big military town in VA, and have given over 1000 quilts from our guild. My daughter is one of the long arm quilters.
They will cherish these quilts!

Lesley said...

What a wonderful initiative! I am so proud of you folks south of my border! Quilters have huge hearts and it's such a display of heartfelt support. Awesome!

Tonni said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and for your service to our troops! This brought tears to my eyes. Your quilting group is amazing!

mshilly said...

Thank you for posting pictures. It is so rewarding to see who received the quilts donated.

Lisa said...

THANK you soo much for doing this! This made me cry just seeing it. I am a quilter and I am working on quilts for my husbands unit. He is currently deployed to Iraq. I miss him like crazy and I want to have a quilt to hand him when he gets home! These pictures were GREAT!! I know those soldiers really appreciated each and every quilt! Thank you for supporting our troops!

Nanna said...

how awsome to be a part of this! beautiful quilts!

Isobel said...

That is just wonderful!!

Denise :) said...

This is so awesome!! I bet the soldiers were really tickled and overwhelmed by their quilts! I love it!! :)

Denise :) said...

I had gone back to look through the photos again, and I read something that I missed the first time around -- that you and several others quilt the Quilts of Valor for free?? God bless you, dear lady. What a generous and wonderful gift that is. Thank you for helping support our brave troops!! :)

Jeni said...

I have worked with a group like this...loved every minute of it. We were stationed in Korea last year and I was apart of the most fun quilting group on post. We made Quilts Of Valor and baby quilts for the storks nest. The goal was to give every new mother who gave birth on post. They would have a quilt laying on her bed when she checked in for delivery.

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

Thank you for sharing this story, the pictures are very moving. Amazing work by you and your group, the quilts are stunning!