Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guild Challenge

I am making a quilt with one of the local quilt guilds I belong to. One of the ladies in the guild is an artist with fabric -- absolutely amazing work. I googled her name, Sharon Aposian Wright and found this post about a trunk show she did. That's her holding up the first quilt. I have seen all of those quilts. Most of the quilts she makes are completely original. The celtic applique on one of those quilts is all done by hand.

So this fabric artist designed a quilt for us to make. Fortunately she is wise as well as talented. Her quilt has a 24"(ish) medallion of a favorite saying of hers. Then she put it several other borders, some of them complicated piecing, some of the celtic applique. She designed it so we could learn some new techniques, but she suggested varying levels of difficulty because she knows she does things over the top.

She had us each pick a saying we liked and showed us how to get it onto the fabric. Here is mine:

I am going to post progress on this quilt because 1) it will motivate me to do it and 2) the pattern isn't going to be publish so it doesn't have to be hidden.

You can see that my medallion is smaller than hers. I am going to trim it to be an 8" block.

Yesterday she taught us how to do celtic applique. She has a ton of celtic applique in a border and in four setting triangles. I am going to do one small motif under my saying. The words were actually a lot more difficult than it looks. (You may be able to see that the letter "o" is a little choppy.) Also, I don't do a lot of hand work so I think the one small motif will be a challenge.

Wish me luck. I am definately going to need it. I will post another picture hopefully before our guild meeting next month.


April M. said...

It looks great so far. Is it too late to get in on it? I haven't been to the guild even once this year. :(

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

Never too late. Pick a saying and I will tell you how she showed us how to put the words on the fabric.