Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Announcements, Announcements, A-nnou-ouce-ments. . .

Was this a common song or was my 4th? 5th? grade teacher the only one who sang it:

Announcements, Announcements, A-nnou-ouce-ments. . .
A terrible way to die,
A terrible way to die,
A terrible way to be talked to death,
A terrible way to die.
Announcements, Announcements, A-nnou-ouce-ments!

We had to sing it every day when he had an announcement to make. 

But I digress.  We now have a flickr group for the Layer Cake Quilt Along.  Here's the link:

It's ready and waiting for blocks to be posted on Tuesday.  Why do you want to post your block?  To be entered in the prize drawings!  Every two weeks, there will be at least two lucky winners drawn at random from those who have posted blocks in the flickr pool. 

I am just getting ready to schedule the first block to be posted.  I am scheduling it because I will be in Houston at International Quilt Market or "Market"!!!!!

What is Market?  It is frankly the biggest event of the year.  It is a wholesale quilt trade show.  Right after Market is Festival.  Festival is open to anyone and everyone.  It is bigger than Market, but I haven't ever been to Festival.  I have been to Market a couple times to sale my books to shop owners.  Then I hustle home. 

If you are lucky enough to be attending Market, stop by and say hello.  I will be at:
Booth 2302

Also, I am teaching a Make and Take Saturday morning :

#316 Bull's Eye for Beginners

This is one of my favorite blocks made using a new method that is super fast and super fun.  You can sign up when you get to Market!

I will be leaving the house tomorrow just after 5 AM.  Ugh!  I'm not a morning person.  I will be back Tuesday just in time to see all your lovely blocks. 

Can't wait! 

So sign up to be part of the flickr group and get ready to sew!!!


Rachel said...

Ha! I DO remember that song. And now I've got it floating through my head. Arrrggghhh!

(Just kidding - have fun at Quilt Market!)

Staci said...

This is STILL a popular song, if you have a son in Cub Scouts! We always sang it at Pack Meetings!

And this was a great announcement! Our lives were in no danger!

Have a lovely time, and we'll all be looking forward to your stories and photos when you come back!

Pauline said...

Okay, fortunately that song hasn't made it's way to Australia!

The lyrics are, just, umm, not exactly, err, happy. In today's world of political correctness gone crazy, such wording would NOT be allowed. And in this case, maybe that's a good thing!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the first block!!! Really looking forward to start :o) Have a wonderful trip!!

Gene Black said...

I have never heard that one. I had a teacher that made us sing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" every day.

Looking so forward to the Quilt Along. I can't wait to see what the designers have come up with for this.

Lee Ann L. said...

Ahhhh! November 7th is the deadline? And, the block instructions haven't been posted yet? I thought it was every two weeks? Oh well, it's good to panic, isn't it? LOL. :-)

Grethe said...

Looking forward to seeing the first block,planning to work just as steady as on the Jelly Roll,hope so anyway.
Thanks for a new Quilt Along:-)

Quilt Monkey said...

I remember that song! We sang it in Girl Scouts when everyone had to be quiet for, well, an announcement. I think we said "horrible" instead of "terrible", but its the same difference. Funny how reading that totally brought me back to a time and place! Thanks for the memory! Looking forward to the quilt along. I actually still have a couple of blocks to finish up from the jelly roll quilt along...

Diane said...

have a great time at market-sorry you have to get up that early to leave-I'm not a morning person either. Lookign forward to the layercake quilt along!

Cori said...

Waiting for the 1st block

Denise :) said...

What luck! I happen to have a layer cake that I didn't use for another quilt along! :)

sjoko said...

Jelly Roll quilt complete :O)
I look forward to the next challenge :O)