Monday, November 21, 2011

A New Name and Two Winners!

Thank you all for the wonderful names for my ABC Quilt!  I was amazed, 1) at how uncreative I am when it comes to naming, 2) how creative other people are, and 3) how I could have used pretty much any of them!  There was one suggestion that I am actually going to use.  It's because the Dr. Seuss ABC book is one of my all time favorite books!  In fact, I can't believe that I couldn't come up with this one on my own. 

Because I am actually using one of the names on the list, I thought we needed two winners. 

First is Amber because I am going to use her idea!

Second is Jan who was chosen randomly!

Email me your mailing information so I can send you both some fat quarters.

Just one other note about the patterns on Create H.O.P.E. Designs.  This pattern as well as the other patterns are all pdfs.  That is how they can be $5 each, and how all the money can go directly to the charities.

Thanks again!  Got a new block about ready to post for you tomorrow!


Jan said...

Thank you, I've sent my info.

Anonymous said...

I also sent you the info, I was thinking of that book when i thought of that name.

danette said...

I am so glad my little sister won.