Friday, May 6, 2011

HMQS -- Home Machine Quilting Show

Yesterday I went to the Home Machine Quilting Show here in Utah.  Because it's only an hour away, I have made sure to go every year.  It is always a great show.  This year and last year I haven't been able to stay too long, but it is always worth the trip.  I have a few pictures to give you a taste.

The first thing I saw when I went was a special exhibit of chocolate quilts.  Oh my were they fun!

Then there was an alphabet exhibit.  These were miniatures representing every letter of the alphabet.  I made sure the piece of paper was in the picture to give a size reference.  I would guess these quilts are 16" x 20." 

I couldn't believe the detail in these two.  Others were detailed as well.  These just caught my eye.  I think the nine patches in the quilt below are 3/4" finished.

I had a quilt in this exhibit.  It looks like there were 20 of us who made the exact same quilt and quilted it different ways.

This quilt really looked like a child's quilt so I quilted it accordingly.  I quilted it with a sock monkey design of mine.  Here's a close up.

One of my favorite exhibits was this glow in the dark exhibit!  I have never seen this before! 

It's hard to catch on camera, but you can almost tell in this one.  The quilt straight back was black and white with lime green accents.  The lights are black lights.  The quilts on the left and right were quilted in glow in the dark thread.  It was so cool!

Of course, there were quilts by the masters there as well.  My favorite was this one by Sue McCarty.  No surprise that she came up with a masterpiece, but amazing none the less!

I think if you click on the pictures they may enlarge for you.  Here are a couple close up pictures.  It was embellished fabulously with a gazillion crystals.

There are pearls in the border.  I don't even know how anyone has the patience to do all of that background stitching!  Amazing!

Of course, the vendor mall is always fun.  I didn't think I needed anything this year and came home with a bag full.  Here is a friend of mine who has started designing fabric for Henry Glass.  Kari Ramsey with Fresh Cut Quilts also designed for one or two of our quilt a longs.  The quilt behind Kari is made from fabric from her first line and is a free download from Henry Glass.

But the skirt has fabric from her new line that she will be showcasing at Market next week.  So fun!

If you are in the area, the show runs until tomorrow, or plan to come next year.  It's usually the first part of May.


Michele said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing :-)

Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for the virtual tour! There are some extremely talented people in your area creating amazing quilts!

LiahonaGirl said...

I just got back from the HMQS. That best-of-show quilt was truly amazing!

At first my mom didn't believe me that the gold in the border was actually the quilting. It deserved best in show!

Gail said...

I was there yesterday too, would have loved to have met you there! Maybe at Market?

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

Gail -- I'll have a booth at Market, #1045 so stop by and say hi!

Craig and Liz said...

Thanks for highlighting the ABC exhibit from HMQS. It was a fun challenge to organize and take part in. The quilts are 18" x 24". If you missed it at HMQS they will also be shown at the Springville Museum of Art show this summer.

JD Roberts said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Thanks for posting the photos. I seem to prefer either abstract patterns or very folksy -- you seem to have something for everyone :-)

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