Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Last Market Post

I wanted to introduce you to Edie, my moose!

I was at Ikea getting some of those random things for my booth, and Edie and 6 of her little friends just jumped into my shopping cart!

There was nothing I could do.  They had to come home with me.  I named her Edie -- pronounced E.D. not Eddy -- because I wanted to name my last three girls that, but when they got here, they wanted other names.  Now that I have named something Edie, my life is complete!  Okay, not quite, but I am pleased.

My friend Machelle made the cute pillow that Edie is sitting on.  She had two extra blocks from the Zip a Dee Do Dah quilt she made for my book that you can see hanging behind Edie.  Being the resourceful person that she is, she made them into pillows.

I thought that was a fun idea, so I did the same thing with three other quilts.  So in my booth were 4 pillows made from blocks of some of the quilts in my new book, Simply Charming Modern.  I was going to post pictures, but I don't have any except as part of my booth.  I will take some pictures so you can see them!


Tiffany said...

Did you see the blue fox/wolf looking creature that was with Edie at Ikea? He was wearing cute socks too. That one came home with me last time I went :) Sometimes they just decide you are their new family and there is nothing you can do about it.... and really, who can say no to those cute faces :)

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

That's funny that it happened to you too!

Sue said...

What a charming mascot. I suspect that Edie will be up to all sorts of trouble.

Caroline said...

I thk Edie is gorgeous! and she looks so comfy on her cushion!

Colleen said...

I went to amazon to look for this book. Where can I find it?