Friday, May 13, 2011

Market Report #1

I tried posting these late last night, but Blogger wasn't working, so I guess I am a day behind.

Yesterday was Schoolhouse.  I LOVE schoolhouse!  I took my little camera which doesn't take good picture in this setting.  Here is one that was okay.  This is Lizzie House presenting her new fabric 1001 Peeps.  She told us the story of how the 1001 Arabian Nights came to be which was the inspiration of her new line.  She was so fun!

I taught one Schoolhouse Session on ways that shop owners can appeal to modern quilters.  It was great!  When Schoolhouse ended, I went to pick up my box and it was gone!  I was afraid the cleaning crew threw it away!

My friend and I frantically checked three different lost and found areas throughout the building while the cleaning crew was being located.  45 minutes later we found out that a kind gentleman with Andover Fabric had taken it to my booth.  Whew!

Then waiting in line for a while before going to Sample Spree.  Sample Spree is an opportunity to buy fat quarter bundles and patterns etc.  Here is a picture of the swarm at the Moda tables.

Here is a picture of Elenor Burns in a NASA uniform of some sort.  I didn't catch why.  She has an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm!

Today Quilt Market actually started.  I will post pictures of booths tomorrow.

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Busy Little Quilter said...

It looks like Quilt Market was fun! Your booth looks great. I love the quilts.

You said you weren't sure why Eleanor was dressed up in a space suit. Well, her new book is called "Radiant Star". Think cosmic, galaxy, and you get the idea of going into outer space. I saw her in Paducah, and I helped her with one of her shows that she does 3 times daily. She came onto the stage dressed in a Space Suit. She does have an amazing amount of energy.