Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Idea!

I just read about a contest at C & T Publishing. ( I don't usually get into contests because I never win. In fact, if I am sending in a subscription to a magazine or registering for something online I usually make sure to NOT check mark the box to enter the free drawing. Anyway, I will enter a contest if it sounds like fun. This contest sounds like fun. Maybe that's because it isn't really a contest, it's a "design challenge." I'm always up for a good challenge!

So the challenge is to make something cupcake related and post a picture of it. I am pretending it is due the end of the month. The deadline is actually the beginning of April. C & T Publishing is advertising their cupcake board book, but they did say it could be quilted and they didn't say you had to use the board book.

So I came up with a fun (and easy) cupcake quilt. I just happened to have a mini-honeybun of April Cornell's new line Spring Magic that I got at Market last October. Perfect!!!!
I have the cupcake bottoms made and the sashing put together. Yeah!! I hope it turns out as cute and I think it will.

Oh yes, I bound three quilts yesterday for "Simply Charming Circles." Whew. I am hand binding two of them. I have a foot or so left on one and about a yard on the other. Hopefully one of those will be done tonight. Why did I start one and not just finish the other. I have no idea. I figure as long as I am working on something that needs to be done sometime then I am alright. An old roommate of mine told me that. Except she was an English major so I am sure it actually sounded eloquent when she said it, and I am probably missing half of the point. But it suits me that way.

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