Monday, May 24, 2010

Block Seven with the Posse Boss

Today we get to meet the Posse Boss, sometimes known as Becky Jorgenson. 

Becky is also from Utah, but I have never met her in person.  I don't know how we haven't met.  It is one of those odd things.  The circles of our lives overlap in so many ways.  We've had to have been at the same quilting events, but oh well.  One day I shall meet the Posse Boss in person!  But let me have her introduce herself.  Becky is a hoot:

So—-here I am, and here is my page about me. I don't really like tooting my own horn, but when it comes down to sewing you can't shut me up!

I am –the posse boss, really though my first name is Becky

I am homeschooling mother of 4. We keep busy during the day, but after everything is done…it's me time! I hide in my sewing area- just off of the play room. I am married to a wonderful 'honey' who is a contractor {builds homes} and also designs them. He luckily notices when his wife needs some sewing time and let me get away with a bunch of stuff! I am lucky like that.

I love to sew anything that i can get my hands on. I am not restrictive when it comes to projects. Hand embroider, Machine quilting, or X-stitch. I do it all. Bags, hotpads, aprons, quilts, samplers, dolls, toys…whatever else that comes to mind.

I started sewing when I was 8 and made my first mini sampler–I still have it to prove it!!- then things settled for awhile {i was too busy growing up} and when i had my first baby, I of course needed to make her a quilt. The quilting obsession started and it hasn't stopped! At one time I stitched for Shephard's Bush in Utah and now own my own online sewing business– Patchwork Posse.

I have been blogging and selling my goods on Etsy for a few years now, and I have gone beyond ready made items….I have patterns! I love making new patterns and the design process. I have a sketch book that gets filled with more ideas than time in the day to complete.

Currently I am expanding my tutorials to Round Robins and Focus Fridays. They have been so much fun!

Here is my little didi on Patchwork Posse— it is an online sewing group. We meet once a month online in a network that is full of patterns, a forum, live chat, show & tell photos and whatever else everyone shares! There is a group of top-notch designers that are sharing a pattern with only the group—before it is available to the public— Register here to join us.

See what I mean!  Check out her blog (after you get this pattern).  There is a picture of her driving in a truck with her chicken (It was a month or so back).  Oh my! 

Click HERE for instructions to Becky's block.

Thanks Becky!

Once again.  I don't have my block made.  This time it was because I made myself finish my other projects first before I was allowed to make this block.  I did get the last blocks done, but haven't taken my pictures yet.  I will be making my block 7 with you today.  It's on my list! 

But you need to see how fun this block is -- so here's Becky's block!

AND Becky has generously donated FOUR patterns from her etsy shop.  Take a look at some of her offerings:

I love the little hedgehog!  So thanks to Becky and adding a jelly roll from me, that makes FIVE winners tomorrow!  Ready, . . . . Set,  . . . . GO SEW! 

Oh yes, and the reminder:
REMINDER: You have two weeks to make these blocks. There will be a drawing tomorrow for BLOCK SIX. Of course, any block that is posted before mine (I will post mine late tonight) on flickr gets entered in the drawing.  So if you are behind, NOW is a great time to catch up!  With these blocks, it's just as easy to make two as it is to make one!

Happy Quilting!  See you soon!


Susan said...

I posted my first 6 blocks. Now I need to work on No. 7.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Great block! Thanks for the fun!

Diane said...

this is a very pretty block, going to download it now and head to the sewing room!

Debi said...

This looks like a great block, will get mine done tonight. Oh, I sew want to win that jelly roll!

Jeannie said...

That is a very nice block!

Becky J. said...

hi girls!! thanks konda for the invite. glad everyone likes the block, i was a little nervous. :)

Nanette Merrill said...

Can't wait to sneak in some time to make this.

prashant said...

Great block
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Deb said...

I am finding that for the background fabric I don't have enough in one jelly roll strip! None of my strips are the same so that's not an option to use more than one. Are folks mostly using white/ivory when that happens? I'll head over to the flickr group to see what everyone else did. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this jelly roll quilt along (despite all the drama I've had with block six... You can read the tale of woe on my blog). I've never used a jelly roll before and I am loving it and would love to win another jelly roll so i can play some more!