Thursday, May 20, 2010

Singing the Spring Market Blues

I'm singing the blues tonight, the Spring Market Blues.  Sample Spree was tonight at Spring Market.  That event occurred in Minneapolis.  I am not in Minneapolis.  I am 1,359 miles away according to Google Maps. 

Fortunately, there are others who are attending who are kind enough to give us a peek at all their excitement.  Pam Kitty Morning has a blog where she has listed some quilters who are posting information about market:  HERE is that link in case you are singing the blues like I am.

Why am I not going to Market?  I have an almost 7 month old baby.  They don't allow children at Market.  I don't think it would be a good mix even if they did allow it. 

What am I going to do while other fortunate souls are in Minneapolis?  Thanks for asking.  Actually, I am doing something this weekend.  I am going to do a triathlon on Saturday.  I did my first triathlon last spring.  I was 3 months pregnant.  LOVED it!!!  (I practically walked the run with my SIL who has horrid hip problems.  She then in turn beat me big time because whenever I would start to get out of breath on the bike, I would slow down, you know, for the baby.)  Anyway, the triathlon this Saturday is a women's only race called "Women of Steel."  You know we all love that name.  The host city has "Steel Days" that the race is not in conjunction with, but it is an appropriate name.  I think I am more nervous for this race because this time I will be trying to do well.  The thing I love about these races is that it feels like a celebration of life.  I never know who the actual winner is.  I never really care.  Everyone who finishes is a winner. 

Oh yes, and tomorrow I am going to sew the next block so I will have something to show y'all on Monday!  I did get my other two blocks done, but I haven't taken their picture yet.  They are being camera shy.  I will have to talk them out of that.

What are y'all doing this weekend besides wanting to be at Market?


Trudi said...

I'm way behind on my blocks, so I guess there'll be a little catchup, but I'm doing the Race for
life on Sunday with another 3500 women! Have a great weekend, and good luck!

Gene Black said...

My Quilt Along blocks are the only thing I am "caught up" on.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the triathlon. And congratulations for finishing last year.

Barb in Mi said...

You go girl! Or rather woman of steel! Have a great time - it's always inspiring to be amongst athletes - like quilters they have their own 'atmosphere'.

Becky J. said...

i had bigger plans, but apparently having a runny nose and a headache are winning. :(

good luck!

Unknown said...

I was at Market. It was a great event this time. The last few attendance has been down, not this one. Everyone put on their Sunday best for a great show. Wish you could have been there- that would have been fun- but next time maybe!
Congrats on the Triathlon-- holy cow I can't believe you did one while pregnant. I really need to reacquaint myself with my elliptical-- it kicks my you know what, but is so good for me.

prashant said...

t was a great event this time.
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