Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Block Six Winners!

I was up until 2:30 this morning and forgot to pick us some winners.  Good thing we are all having a good time, and I know you will forgive me for posting them now.  I'm only a few hours late. 

Thank you for asking -- the project that kept me up so late is almost done (the new book that I am taking to the printer today!).  Just a couple little things left that I will finish as soon as we post these winners --

janamcb wins the charm pack from Nanette!

and ozarkwell wins a jelly roll from me!


These are the Flickr usernames. I have emailed both winners via Flickr mail. I have also posted their blocks to help identify the winners. Email me to claim your prize.

Remember, if you didn't get your block done, no worries. There will be another drawing in two weeks. Any blocks posted between now and then will be entered into the next drawing. We've had quite a few start just this past week and are caught up already.

Thanks for playing everyone! Keep on quilting!

1 comment:

Jana said...

Yeah!! I won! Thanks!