Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Day!

I do have some winners to announce, but this post was getting long, so I am making it it's own post.  You can read it, or not.  The winner's are coming ASAP!

But first, I have had a day.  The only thing on my mind has been to get my block done.  My day had other plans.  Do you have days that have minds of their owns? 

Kids didn't want to get up, missed the bus.  (I think this is only the second time the whole school year that they've missed the bus.  It did come a few minutes early also so, you know, it happens.)  The neighbor kids missed the bus too.  It's raining.  After I grabbed the neighbor kids to take them to school, I notice that the steering wheel is pulling hard to the left.  It was a flat tire.  It's raining, and I am around the block from my house.  I know you aren't suppose to drive on a flat, but I thought around the block would be okay.  It technically wasn't, but nothing got hurt so I guess it was okay.  The 5 kids cram into the car, and I drive them to school.  I got some orders ready to take to the post office, get the other kids breakfast, and take care of the baby while my husband takes the tire off and puts it in the trunk of the car.  Get the baby down for a nap, run to the post office, and out to the tire center that is a little further away but will fix the tire free. 

Lunch, I don't know where lunch went.

One nice thing about tire centers is that they have soft chairs.  They must not want us to be crabby while we wait.  Works for me.  I almost took a nap, but I had a quilt magazine with me.  Quilter's Home and I got some quality time together.  I'd say I used my time at the tire center very wisely. 

Get home, feed the baby, and now the kids are home from school.  Now we are on to Karate, house cleaning and supper.  Kids were actually very helpful today so they watched a movie for an hour after dinner.  (I know there is technically a difference between supper and dinner.  I don't know what it is.  To me they are both the evening meal.  My mother would say otherwise.  Oops.)  So it's 10:00, and the baby finally gives up and goes to sleep.  I've been trying to get her to sleep for ages.  This one is a little pill.  Love her to pieces, but she's a pill. 

Finally, I tell the kids goodnight, I am going to sew.  BUT NO!  It was not to be.  My boy reminds me, for the hundredth time, that I said I would sign off the things he had done in his scout book.  The book has been lost for a couple months and magically turned up as we were cleaning.  So I passed off my son's stuff in his scout book instead of sewing up block seven. 

Some days are just like that.  But you know, I had a day.  And that is saying something! 


Beth said...

I do believe I need a nap after just reading about your day. Sometimes life gets in the way of sewing doesn't it?
Happy Tuesday.

Loris said...

That is one good full life :-)
You handled it well. I imagine you slept rather soundly too!

Tina said...

Wow. You certainly did have a day!

prashant said...

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